tech posts

I have a blog, but I to keep it to very weird things that come to my mind that don’t require text formatting, images, or anything that is not plain text.

The intention of this section of my website is to make a space for all the weird things that are related with tech. Which mostly always require formatting like syntax highlighting, images, or monospaced text. So I decided to create this section for the tech related posts.

These articles are sorted from oldest to newest.

  1. org-mode as static site generator
  2. raoul’s experiences with FreeBSD as desktop.
  3. brotli in OpenBSD’s httpd.
  4. Fear and Loathing in Artix (or BSD user tries Linux)
  5. Using BSD make as build system
  6. Perl in CURRENT_YEAR
  7. The Raku programming language
  8. Picking a Linux distro
  9. LAN adblocking
  10. Insane stuff you can do in ssh
  11. If IQ was given like Dopamine, Arch Linux would not exist
  12. How to play the Guitar on Void Linux