Technology was a mistake

“I actually started off majoring in computer science, but I knew right away I wasn’t going to stay with it. It was because I had this one professor who was the loneliest, saddest man I’ve ever known. He was a programmer, and I knew that I didn’t want to do whatever he did.”

— Jermaine Lamarr Cole

One day I will be with my firstborn son in the middle of Mataelpino, and he will ask what I was doing when AIs took the world, how humanity was so stupid to let an extremely autistic man who has wanted to name a company “X” since he has memory, but they didn’t let him (God knows why) and no investor would invest in “”, for very obvious reasons. But this does not make sense into the head of an Asperger with God complex.

When I wake up in the morning I get autistic, this morning I browsed Hacker News because I saw it shilled in 4chan, thing is that today they were shilling a post about marijuana and how marijuana is incredibly addictive and people struggle with Marijuana Addiction.

Look my tolerance is so high they call me the chronic man, I do have a marijuana addiction, I do not hide, difference is that I’m not a JavaScript Developer from Palo Alto, California. Which gives me more sanity. Thing is that in the comments, there was this gem:

When I was in my early 20s I would probably say I had a dependence on cannabis. Key for me in transitioning away from that was lower THC % products. It was as if I wanted to enjoy a single beer after work but the only thing available was everclear. Most vape pens are billed as 85%+ THC. Now, I still enjoy cannabis, but I have a single puff of a vape pen that is around 3% THC (the rest is usually CBD) before bed. Or I take an edible that is 1.5 mg THC (very low, edibles are usually sold at 5-10 mg doses). It’s a much different relationship. I don’t feel like my mind is racing out of control, I don’t build up a massive tolerance. I sleep fine without it. It’s startling to think that a single puff of a 90% pen is literally 30x as much THC.

However, these products are disappointingly few and far between. When I walk into a CA dispensary, I actually have to hunt around for them, if they’re even available. When I ask, staff members wonder if I’m buying it for my grandmother! It would be great to see the industry refocus on products that are designed to be consumed in moderation.

Bitch, technology won’t tell me how many blunts I can smoke today. If you think everything has a limit, that’s what you are. Limited. But this post it’s not just calling people who vape faggots. I have a weed vaper too, difference is that I don’t smoke vitamin E acetate.

Anyway, guy seems to be struggling to get his weed in California, well, I’m glad I don’t pay taxes.

During the pandemic I read the Unabomber Manifesto, something that most people here claimed to have done but have never done because this is the internet and everyone wants to project some version of themselves they will never be because they’re busy setting Lain as Twitter profile picture while high in Clonazepam because they want the internet to feel sorry about some guy.

I remember that Ted said that modern leftists are so stupid basically because of their feelings of inferiority. They think they’re inferior (we might be) and that’s why they do harm to themselves (throwing themselves to cop cars, burning stuff and being leftists). By the time that the Manifesto was written, social media was not a thing (which only confirms that Ted was right). If social media works for something is for giving users feelings of inferiority and self-deprecation. Because the best thing the internet has showed us was that hating stuff is pretty cool, and everybody should do that to be cool. You’re less than your favorite rapper, you’re less than any celebrity or any influencer.

The other day I was also reading the “chemicals of sillicon valley”, this means, apparently, in Palo Alto, California, people hired by the consultant of the consultant of the consultant of Google are so committed with their job that they go to work high on fucking acid and ketamine. I mean if I was a javascript programmer I’d also like to dissociate to the point I don’t know what I am. I wonder what kind of people actually do this. Like I’m having a bad time imagining these guys snorting the bump of their lifes. I simply can’t. But well, there are 3 types of programmers: The sober one, the alcoholic one and the one that can’t spell “sober”.

Elon Musk is a convicted Ketamine addict and taleks about how depression is a brain chemical issue, well, having to wake up at 8 AM, going to work, not seeing colors, being all day in an office and then get home and have no one waiting for you doesn’t sound like a brain chemical issue.

Speaking of, have you seen the ADHD epidemic we’re having lately? We have crushed everyone’s attention span just to give us adversitements. I mean, if dudes in Sillicon Valley are using ketamine, I’m pretty fucking sure we’re legalizing cocaine sooner than later just to give it to kids with Internet Indouced ADHD, so they can be part of the machine as well.

My question is why we had to give everyone ADHD, so some chinks can have more money? So Mr. Musk can have more money? This is pretty epic, we have fucked everyone’s life and filled the streets with ads just so rich people can get richer. And I pay more taxes every month. We have built a surveillance dystopia to give ads to people. We have built a dystopia for “counterterrorism”, we have removed fucking colors so we comply with this bullshit called Bauhaus.

Maybe computers were not a mistake, maybe, maybe the mistake itself was the internet. Maybe not, because ARPANET was created with millitary purposes. Maybe the mistake was the WWW, maybe it was not because the early days of the WWW was geocities and shit. Imagine you were using a computer in the 90s smoking marijuana, shit would have been epic because computers was something new.

Thing is that to use a computer in the early 90s, you had to know what you were doing, there was no Windows 11 and shit software that takes you by the hand and does everything for you, instead of letting the user specify how he wants shit to be done. When you’re using a real operating system you cannot trust your computer for the most trivial thing. Because computers are not to be trusted, simply because they do literally what you told it to do. It’s called “processor instructions”.

The biggest mistake of humankind was to give computers to everyone who wanted it despite the final user don’t know what he’s doing, so he can only trust the computer and the software he’s using, when you trust someone you’re giving the chance for them to stab a knife in your back. We’ve been stabbed in the back and psyoped into thinking that everything should be digitalized. If you trust the software is because you don’t care about what it is doing, so corporate developers add shit programming practices with datamining functions, so they know at what time you go take a shit to give you a very specific ad. All the spyware in the world is not for 1984 purposes. It’s simply to give us ads.

The atomic bomb? That’s bullshit, the worst thing humans have done is to put JavaScript into everywhere, let AIs generate websites only for SEO purposes and the websites are useless (again, this AI generated websites have ads on them and are unbrowseable).

I’ve wasted all my youth learning about computers and stuff. These days I wish I could exchange half of what I know about computers and shit for musical knowledge. But at least I got a job.