Bitch I don’t need to play osu I have a guitar

This section of the website is used to host all my recording with my guitar, a Squier Bullet Mustang. Kurt Cobain have this one (or at least he did before he shot himself). Thing is that I’m still a complete newfag to guitar and musical theory in general so I might as well suck. But this is to track my progress rather than to impress someone.

TODO list:

  • Learn the chords and shit
  • Learn how to actually do stuff
  • Learn everything that I have to learn
  • Songs:
    • I no longer fear the razor guarding my heel IV by suicideboys
    • Rusty Cage by soundgarden
    • All of pink floyd songs
    • Anything that I like to be honest

Smoke on the water

Everybody begins with this:

Jesucristo Garcia

Good song, good song, I still have to get good at this


Crazy train

Crazy, but that how it goes


Playing this song is therapeutic