Ghetto IPv6 from The Hood

So we ran out of IPv4 addresses because despite all the news warning about low natality rate, there are now 8 billion people in the world. It doubles the number of possible IPv4 addresses (and let’s ignore the fact some billion of IP addresses cannot be even used because they’re reserved for special use). The reason of why they thought 4 billion addresses would be enough is because they assumed no one would be stupid enough to have a computer at home.

To solve the problem of the IPv4 address exhaustion was to create IPv6, which solved the problem by increasing the maximum number of IPv6 addresses to 340 sextillion. This sounds good! And it is!. But there’s a plot twist.

Men lie, women lie, but the numbers don’t. According to Google only the 42% of the internet makes IPv6 connections. estimates that 67% of people have IPv6 connection. At high school I had a teacher who said a saying that i have engraved in fire in my soul: “There are truths, lies and stadistics”. Obviously, ain’t no way 67% of people with access to internet have IPv6. Remember the point of IPv6 is to give a different IPv6 address to each device. So this increment the rate of “IPv6 connected device”.

In Spain only the 2% of the population have IPv6. Apparently I’m the 98% of Spain’s population. Because everyone seems to have IPv6 but me. I am not going to mention the Ms_Snow_OwO incident1 because I don’t want to get mad at people which does not exist again.

You can call me either ambitious or retarded. But if I want something I will do whatever I have to get it. I did not have IPv6 at home but I wanted it just because. So me and a friend decided to do the most ghetto thing ever: To set up a wireguard tunnel with IPv6 and give addresses to every Christ in my LAN through SLAAC.


Figure 1: Delegao and I negotiating a /56 IPv6 block

So basically I have now two routers. The shit router which the ISP gives me and the Raspberry Pi whose only purpose in life is to give IPv6 to every Christ in my network. Even when devices do NOT ask for an IPv6 address. It will give them anyways.

Setting this thing up was very easy in Linux and impossible to do in this shit operating system for people who want to look cool called “OpenBSD” (pf is MUUUUUUCH better than this garbage called iptables though). Basically all the required software was WireGuard and radvd. Literally nothing else. You can use your favorite tunneling (open vpn or Cisco™ AnyConnect™) software provided it gives you at least a /64 address block.

So once you have your /64 address block in your new router. What you have to do is to announce it in your LAN. For this you use radvd. A SLAAC server. This is stupidly easy to configure:

interface eth0 {
          AdvSendAdvert on;
          MinRtrAdvInterval 30;
          MaxRtrAdvInterval 100;
          prefix 2605:6400:c022:e000::/64 {
                 AdvOnLink on;
                 AdvAutonomous on;
                 AdvRouterAddr off;

This configuration would be enough for the new router to shill the /64 block to every God in the LAN. After you run systemctl enable --now radvd every device will get an IPv6 address against its will. But you won’t be able to surf the most unknown of darknets until you run sysctl -w net.ipv6.conf.all.forwarding=1. Otherwise you will literally not get anywhere in the IPv6 darknet. It’s a darknet because no one has access to it normally.

Then you can go in any device in your lan to and see how it’s going. To see whether you truly have IPv6 or lied to you.

If you want to do this. I’d recommend getting a VPS server close to where you are geographically because despite “The Wired” destroys physical borders you still have to get to the server. And if you’re in Madrid and your IPv6 Wireguard server is in Osaka, you’ll first have to go to Osaka before you actually get somewhere. Giving it at least 300ms of latency. So keep that in mind.

But why would someone want IPv6? I don’t know. Because I can?



: Basically a twitter person called Ms_Snow_OwO hacked into the RIPE account of Orange Spain. Making all their BGP routers useless. Despite I’m in favour of the cause. Fuck you Ms_Snow_OwO, I had to solve Jiras when you decided to destroy the internet connection of an entire country.