If IQ was given like dopamine Arch Linux would not exist.

Linux sucks, computers were a complete mistake, the humankind would be better without computers, we would have not known about many things and we would have not created man-made horrors beyond your comprehesion.

Sadly, Ted did not accomplish his goal and we are still forced to use computers, I think that computers are like drugs, they should not be used. But if you use them anyways, you have to do them like God intended them to be done. Using Windows is the bad way, using Linux is the correct way to use computers, and using Linux will also work as harm reduction for your years of life. Because despite Linux never works, at least it lets you do whatever you want, unlike MacOS or Windows.

I don’t have to explain operating systems, or what a Linux distro is, if you’re on suragu.net I’m assuming you’re at least running Debian. If you’re running Windows, how the hell did you find this website?

Anyways, all distros out there suck for distros usage, but the ones that suckless is Void Linux. A product from my country, Void Linux does not seem to be affected by the Ministry of Equalty1.

Void Linux is, like Arch, a rolling-release distro, this means that it doesn’t give a shit about unstability and everything is your responsability. The packages are usually at their most recent version, in worst case scenarios you’ll only have to wait 2-3 days to install its most recent versions. But I’m not selling this shit either, I did not say that Void was a good distribution, I said it sucks less, but for example, it took, for some reason, 2 years for them to update gcc from 10 to 12.


I don’t know why it took them so long, but at least they did.

What’s so good about Void Linux in contrast to $DISTRO?

Disclaimer: If you use gentoo, you might not find this section useful as you should be attended by professionals of the mental health sectors rather than by suragu.net

I am going to compare Void to the other 2 distros that exists: debian and Arch.

Archfags have always been a thing, I used to use Arch, the differences between Void and Arch are mainly 2: Void uses runit (instead of systemd like Arch) and Arch uses the pacman package manager whereas Void uses the X Binary Package System. Which is a good package manager which has never filled me with an urge to cut my wrists and then kill myself on Twitch.

The thing is that I have already phased out the Linux ultra autism and I no longer use Void because >systemd but because I genuinely prefer the xbps package manager to fuckman for completely understandable reasons. For example:

  • the “-y” flag means “yes” like in any other sane piece of software. For some reason Arch dev thought that “-y” means “–refresh”2
  • When you query the repos, xbps gives a sane, one liner output while pacman gives you two outputs


Figure 1: Sane, one line, grepeable output


Figure 2: Insane, filthy, schizophrenic 2 lines output

  • xbps is way faster unlike pacman, it installs packages faster for some reason, depsite both xbps and pacman use the same compression algorithm for its packages. xbps is still faster for unknown reasons.

The only good thing about Arch Linux packages if that the -dev packages does not exist, like in BSD systems, I wish all distros devs knew that -dev packages are useless and header files should be included with the share objects, some libraries also come with the .a but that’s another kind of question with another kind of answer.

Now, on Debian, well I’d like to shit on debian, actually no, because Debian has NEVER failed me. And it is still my favorite Linux distros for things that are not desktops, debian is the second best Linux distro out there, which I know as the old reliable, but here are some points that can be made to say that Void is better than Debian (but if you use Debian as desktop you’ve got my respect, unless you have a Lain wallpaper)

  • xbps is faster
  • I could say “up to date packages” but there always have been Debian Sid which is basically a rolling release Debian, which is not suitable for servers because “unstability” but works well in desktops.

    Now, you are right that writing xbps-install xbps-remove and xbps-query is a pain and it’s an idiocy, you’re right, i don’t know why they did a program for everything instead of a subcommand. Unix Philosophy I guess, in any case, enjoy this code snippet for your shell:

    alias xi="doas xbps-install -y"
    alias xq="xbps-query"
    alias xr="doas xbps-remove"
    # Saved me from suicide


Archfags are addicted to this substance known as “3-MeO-AUR”, which is a dangerous neurodegenerative drug that makes you think that it is ok for you to install a second package manager just to install 3rd-party packages (and then they’re managed by the same package manager but you have to update them using the second package manager but you have to remove them using the first package manager). 3-MeO-AUR also degenerates your brain to the point that you think that Arch is a good operating system.

Well, Void Linux main dev used to be a NetBSD dev, so there is influence of NetBSD in void, xbps is highly inspired in the pkgsrc port systems, so you can also build packages from source on Void Linux like if you were in Gentoo, I don’t know why someone would do that, but the thing is that you can. You can also install packages that are not in the repos using xbps-src, like Discord, Spotify and other evilnesses. For this you only clone the void-packages repository and run the commands on the readme, ./xbps-src binary-bootstrap and then you can do ./xbps-src package <PACKAGE_NAME>. You can appened CFLAGS to the compilation like if you were in Gentoo or FreeBSD. Which is pretty epic, I have never done it because my autism doesn’t go that far, but if you ask if you can, yes, you can.

And if there’s a package that is in the AUR but not on Void Repos, well, probably you don’t really need it and/or you can just type “make” and “make install” to install that piece of software you want. But obscure software is usually in void main repos for some reason, hell, you can even install emerge, apt and pacman through the official repos, not sure why anyone would do that, but again, if you ask if you can, indeed, you can. You can also change the configure flags by editing the package template file, this is retarded, Gentoo has the USEFLAGS and FreeBSD asks you for the compile options with a TUI. But, again, I never said Void Linux was a good operating system

It is like a BSD operating system

The reason of why Void Linux exists is because one guy got a pipe, made a sandwich and entered the void. It was coping with the fact that BSD did not have much hardware support but wanted to use BSD features, so close in the core Void Linux is somewhat similar to a BSD operating system. Even more in the past when it used LibreSSL instead of OpenSSL, and it was the first linux distro which truly supported doas. Still comes with sudo by default and doas is opt-in. I guess that it all went downhill when the main dev ceased being in Linux after a psychotic break on Twitter.

It is not such a pain

I bought a GTX 1050 Ti the other day because I bought a 165hz monitor but the Intel UHD graphics did not support 165hz at 1080p (or any other resolution). Some people might tell me “why did you not bought a Radeon”, my answer would be “kill yourself”.

I’ve seen many memes about Nvidia on Linux being a pain, in my experience it was just “xbps-install nvidia” and rebooting, there we go, I can run my three monitors at 165hz without a single problem. And DOOM (2016) runs in Ultra at 80fps at 1080p. At this point i’m flexing my setup.

In contrast with Debian, void devs give less of a fuck about anything, they include other package managers in their official repos and they include non-free firmware so anyone can use Void Linux, this is not Trisquel GNU+Linux, and if you have an exotic piece of software probably you can just install it in the opt-in nonfree repos.

Shoutouts to the guy who denied the pull request to add sakisafe to void-packages, I have a job and you’re still denying pull requests, all for free.



Equalty between genders and shit, not between citizens. So if you were a hobo before the Sánchez administration, you’ll still be a hobo after the ministry of equalty began existing (again)


According to the manpage -y and –refresh are equivalents.