An NPC, An online community and the Software Revolution

"An idiot with a computer is more dangerous than a monkey with a machine gun."

--- akvvma

(draft, not completed)

Online communities have been a thing since the beginnings of the internet. You'd connect to a BBS using telnet or something like this. Maybe you didn't even needed telnet and you just write your own TCP client in C. Or you can also have used talk(1), the UNIX text chat program, or wall(1), if you don't care about what others are doing in their terminals emulator.

Over the time, things have become easier for users but harder for computers. The internet has also given us communities for people who otherwise would have had none. The thing with online communities is that if you have the balls to introduce some minimal change to the hive mind of the community, they will crucify you. Not because you're wrong. But because the people terminally online are so convinced of their ideas, and they being in a community that think alike only helps to make them even more convinced of their ideas. I am not even joking about that, the other day i was talking to breakcorefags in a website, they told me Denzel Curry is shit. Their opinion changed when I told them that he sampled an amen break in a song.

And that's exactly the reason of why you won't find any good online community. People terminally online are suckers. See all the people who has a thread in Kiwi Farms and the Kiwi Farms users themselves. See the Linux reddit communities, if you were not born with all the UNIX knowledge in the world, you're an idiot and you should get back to Windows inmediatly. People in an online community don't know the differnece between saying something is great and worshipping it like it's a deity.

As mentioned before, the status quo of an online community shall never be questionated unless you want everyone to cally ou an idiot, which is sometimes funny to read how they cope so they can still be convinced of their ideas. So much that they make it their entire identity

I will speak from the community I was, sadly, part of, the freetard community. I think all the freetards are indeed retards. They took the words of a fat autistic guy so seriously they base their entire computing trying to mimic him. They install Trisquel GNU+Linux and shit like that 1 in this case, I would like to ask, how free is your computer if you're limiting it to what Richard Stallman does? All people being absolutely the same, same ideas, same software in use, same programming language, same opinions, same everything, makes the community so dull. But that's about the Freetard faction of imageboards, the "edgy" one is much funnier because they're all literally the same, they think that Draining Love Story is a better album than Madvillainy. Also they think we care about their operating system of choice, which is either Artix Linux 2 or Arch (If you're lucky, Void). They would have used OpenBSD but they didn't have a compatible network card and won't buy one 3.

Not to mention that people there only complain. And that's it. They complain about "muh bloat", and that's it. They don't propose a solution, their best contribution to software would be a very basic configuration of dwm, which because of autistic reasons, counts as "software".

Idiots could say that I made better things when I used bspwm, urxvt, pale moon and shit. Well, $uicideboy$ were better in 2015.

Now I use software considered as "soy" and "cringe" and shit. And I don't need to be a faggot about it.. Despite I use "soy" software, I am still probably the best programmer shit imageboards have ever seen The size of the brush does not matter, only the talent of the artist.º

Like M. Outlaw, our nigga, said, if you spend more than 40% of the time on your computer consuming content, you're doing something wrong. These people consume content, but under CC-BY-SA-ND-MYBALLS. So i guess that justify the high consumption and the low contribution. I say that if the world gave you all the computer knowledge you have, you should give it back. That's why I write software under permissive licenses. I am only a guy writing a rant in a blog. If i published my crap under the GPL and someone violates the GPL conditions what the hell am I going to do? call Saul? That's another problem with the GPL, how the fuck are you going to know if proprietary software stole code from Free Software™ if the code is proprietary? Thing is that I don't think people with anime profile pictures in GitHub who maintains a certain distribution's packages has the resources to sue someone for violating the GPL.

If the "Free" on Free Software ever meant something, it means that you can do whatever you want in your computer. Not only what I'm supposed to do with Free Software, if I want to install Photoshop in my Void Linux installation, I should be able too. And my system won't stop being as free as it was before installing Photoshop. If I want to boot Windows 98 in my Corebooted T400, I should be able to. I don't care if the VGA ROMS are proprietary and illegal to redistribute. I have fought in worse places.

Idiots think that life has no meaning or it has some hedonistic meaning. I think that if life has a meaning (it must have...) it is to be free to do your will. This view of mine is in conflict with the GNU project views on freedom. "Free Software" is idiotic. Open Source is a corp-friendly adjective. "Gonzo Software" is the correct term.

  1. One day we tried to install Trisquel GNU+Linux for the lulz and we couldn't even boot it. ↩

  2. Also known as The Distribution That is a Cope ↩

  3. Difference between them and me is that I was so committed with my autism that I actually bought OpenBSD compatible network card.  ↩

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