"Creéis que todo tiene un límite, así estáis todos, LIMITADOS"

-- Juanma from Eskorbuto

Took me a while to realize that labels are shit, it's just a way to limit what we are, or to crowd ourselves, and keep us limited. Labels are inherently bad, simply because you can't define a person using words. And if you define a person using words, you're redoucing it to whoever the person reading the labels think these words mean, so for example, if i define myself as "punkie" some people will think i listen to sex pistols, and that i have marks of needles in my arms. Despite I like punk music, this is not my case, so calling myself a "punkie" would be limiting what i'm really are to the punkie stereotype0.

Same thing happens with ideologies, you can't redouce someone's ideology to "liberal", "anarcho-capitalist", "anarcho-communist" or whatever, because every person is different and they don't share exactly the same thoughts. Yet they are tied to an stereotype, or a label, that is just an ideology, that tells them how to act. And by using labels you're redoucing all your ideology to, again, what people think anarcho-communism is, which is, to most people, anarchy (bad) and communism (bad). And how do you intend to change the world if everyone thinks you're 2 times bad?

Hacker? Alright, the glider emblem is cool and i kinda share the hacker ideas1. But if something's "forbidden" or "not done" by hackers and I feel doing that, i'll do it anyways. Because a fucking text i found in the goddamn internet is not going to tell me what to do.

We live in a failed generation of permanent seekers, looking for an identity, capitalism doesn't allow us to live our life, it only lets us live the life the powerful wants us to live, a life of being their slave, never doing what we really feel, first we go to school and we do what they told us. Then we go to high school and get stress because of the goddamn exams, with 2 days a week to do what we really feel, every other day you "have to", then we repeat at university, or we get a job, and we still do what they told us, and, again, never doing what we really feel. People never experience themselves and they go the easy way: base their personality around some label: ancap, metalhead, or whatever.

Or maybe we are part of the "dissociative generation", which made me kek when i read it, I am sorry, but the solution to your identity problems isn't in a white powder you can buy at 40 euros a gram.

We don't have more of the adrenaline that made the 90s great, now we only have desperation and more kind of shit, people are beyond fucked, society contributed for everyone to be insecure about themselves. So people in desperation, start thinking that some adjective, or at least some behaviour is the meaning of their life.

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