The NPC factory

"It is difficult not to write satire."

--- Juvenal

The other day I was with a friend and we came to the conclusion that we might have unlocked what mortals known as "perpetual high". Since then I have unlocked the hability of thinking that much of the things on the nowadays internet have been generated by an artificial intelligence. Without irony.

The dead internet theory is widely known nowadays, this theory says that most content in the internet is generated by IA, this sounds very stupid from first glance, but wait until you enter any website you got from a search engine that is not facebook, reddit, tiktok, twitter, or similar websites.

Thing is that you get websites like this one

Despite author's name seems to be Lisa, you can read 2 sentences from that post to figure out that it was generated by an artificial intelligence.

Maybe the dead internet theory is true (it is), but few people understand the psychology of letting computers pick everything that we read, see, and consume.

I was told by a friend that if I wanted to lose faith in humanity the only thing I have to do is go to a public school at 2:00, when the kids leave. And let my mind judge what kind of generation is coming.

We used to play with 5 color pens, a Nintendo DS and a R4 was enough to have us without bothering anyone for so long. But the new generations aren't so lucky.

I think that tablets (electronic devices) serve only one purpose in this world: make kids and toddlers shut the fuck up for some minutes. I understand that in this current world parents might be stressed by the current world and just want some minutes of peace.

But I don't think that leaving children unatended with a tablet is a good idea, after all, lack of parental communication is what boys and girls to become eboys and egirls.

So this is the situation: Kids are starting from a very low age to visit the internet. Eventually they will know about TikTok (Only if parents didn't show them TikTok before). We have talked before on how the western version of TikTok is much different from the Chinese version of the application. To summary: in China the content is much less stupid, while in western countries, it seems to be AI generated.

In this picture we can see a young woman dancing. Nothing strange as TikTok began as that. A application for teenagers who like to dance. But then we have the text, the text are just the birth dates of famous Spanish internet celebrities.

At first glance, you might say "ok". But if you think about it enough, you'll enventually come with the question of "what the hell is this, why is there a dancing girl with birthdates". My answer to this question is AI.

As we know, the Internet now is basically generated by AI. And, I don't know, the concept of a dancing girl with streamer's birthdates over it sounds like something an AI would generate just because. Maybe it is stupid to think an AI generated that video. So the other answer to that question is that humans are starting to behave like AIs.

New generations will never ask themselves questions, they have all the answers they need in the internet. This only makes their criteria to be what the internet says. Maybe some complicated thing happens in this world, well, they have their favorite influencers, their idols, their opinions will be basically their idol's opinion.

We have destroyed everything we have for convinence. New generations want nothing but dopamine. It is not difficult to think that people that want nothing but dopamine in life will blindly follow (and copy) their favorite influencer's opinion. "God is dead and I don't want to leave earth because there's no Netflix in Heaven"

We as humans are loosing our hability to have our own criteria, our own conciusness, we are refusing to the incredible gift of using the Reason. We are losing the only thing that makes us intelligent creatures. The internet is killing everyone's identity by redoucing their criteria. People are lossing their essence. It is like the soul is being killed.

We might, and only might, get to the point in which people are so alienated from themselves, that if you follow them at night, they will eventually despawn.

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