My philosophy (methamphetaphysics)

First off, fuck the guys who really came to a Linux website to get mad at a computer.

In the arc of my life from when I was 17 years old to when I was 18, I was a "rebel teenager" because I had long hair and listened to punk, I listened to punk because it was my only coping mechanism by that time, it feel kinda comforting to see that some heroin addicts agreed with me on some stuff. When I was 15 I listened to The Wall and gave it an interpretation, felt really deep and shit. I even thought about "woo, society". And it gave me some of the bases I have on my worldview these days. My favorite punk band is Eskorbuto, I have quoted them in here many times. In the context, while every other Vasque punk band was "anti-capitalist", "anti-fascist", Eskorbuto was simply anti-everything. Problem with being anti everything is that it implies being anti-anti-everything. Because "anti-everything" is a metaphysic entity which is included in "everything".

Maybe by 18 years old ass was more focused on browsing 4chan and being approved by /g/ rather than getting some hoes or socializing in the first place. Well, maybe I was an idiot but I'm pretty happy with every shit decision I've done in all my life. Couldn't be myself withtout them, someone smarter than me said.

Growing up means many thing, from the fact that you gotta pay taxes to the fact that you haven't changed a bit from the first moment of your existence. I've always been a motherfucker, since minute one, I didn't like school, and I knew I was nobody's fool.

We were debating whether Jesus is with us or not. In life, you gave a streak of good days and a streak of days that the only thing you can think about is how to commit suicide. You can interpret this as the days Christ is with you and the days he's now with you. Depending on the definition of Christian you have, I might be a Christian or not. Thing is that I don't care about labels. But Jesus was a cool guy. I do not see nothing wrong on practicing what he preach. Nothing wrong on helping the other man and giving food to the hungry.

Christ might or might not be with you at this moment, he might help you from time to time, but my man, you gotta understand he has more niggas to be with. After having this philosophical debate, we found an abandoned lighter in a bench. The lighter worked perfectly, confirming Jesus is with us.

What's good and what's bad? Who knows, my long hair ass decided to read Max Stirner, he was sure an interesting guy. He invented the concept of doing whatever you feel like despite what you've been told to think/do/whatever. And that kinda helped building the methamphetaphysics. My only talent by the time was computing. And I discovered the internet was shit because I don't like JavaScript, I used to really be the nigga who uses Debian in a corebooted T4001, which is these days serving this website.

As always thought that mostly everyone (with the exception of people who actually deserve respect) can't tell me what to do, the people who cry the most at the moment of asking for something are those who deserves thing the less. I'm no one's slave. And as I thought the internet sucks I created a website to rant about all the shit I didn't like about it, also had my own suite of services so I didn't had to use google and shit like that, those were my days before weed hit in, had nothing funnier to do and I had fun doing them. Call me extremely autistic but all that shit helped me to get a job, and you, guy who comes to a Linux website to get angry at a computer, should try doing the same, bitch.

Well, now I'm 21 and I despite I'm doing great, I still cannot think about the future, mostly because I've learned things never go like the way they were planned, they're often worse, but hey, they can also sometimes be way better.

I guess that all my life I've been a stoic one, when I was growing up I didn't have the best thing, best thing I had at home was a Nintendo Wii, I never saw a PS2 of my own until some months ago, and to be honest, I'm glad it was like that. No COD Zombies game will replace all those nights in which i tried to catch Darkrai for some miracle, because I did not have access to the Mysterious Gift zoomer thing.

So I have the patience of a saint, you could say. I don't care if shit go wrong because the only thing without a solution is death. I can always fix the thing no matter what, at least that's what I want to think, some things don't have solutions, but they have mitigations, it's alright to make things less bad.

I have always found interesting that stuff that existed. The andecdotes that have happened. But it just might be my high ass which feels some shit cannot be real, like ain't no way J. Cole is actually named "Jermaine", that ain't no name. But I don't know, something weird that happened some day, like that time in which I sticked a joint to a wall by accident has happened before. It is happened once it most likely already happened in the past. Once I read in a Linux fortune that the only thing learning history is that someone already thought about that high ass brain fart you had.

This teach us something, we are not special, we are not special or unique for what we do because someone already has done that, you're not alternative for having blue hair, people in the 70s already did that, you're not alternative for listening to noise music. Caveman throw stones to walls and that was a banger.

What i'm trying to say is that you gotta be humble, you cannot go through life thinking you're more than someone because in the end we're just ordinary men, there are some exceptions but I refuse, these exceptions can be considered humans, because they lack many primitive instincts, like conciusness.

I've had many arcs in my life, I regret none of them, despite for how cringe I might think I am while thinking in retropersctive, is it's part of the journey of being alive, you evolve you like it or not. Or at least you're supposed to.

There are not many things that I regret in life, and I think it is how I should be, not having many shit living in my heart. Sure there always is something I regret, but I always manage to live with it.

Other shit stuff is those I cannot do anything about, so I should just not worry about it, after all there's no power in my hands to solve the shit. Some people just don't want to be helped because they want to give pity on the internet, not because other reason.

So fuck it, I am writing this blasting music on the PS2 high as shit and I will continue to do it until I find something better to do.

  1. If you unironically use Libreboot rethink your life ↩

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