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Gold Extraction 22k (Hash, 22 EUR/gram)

This hash was literally keef, smelled like grass, at first we smoked a green (something legendary in this region of the world, we’re poorfags) with this hash. According to the dude who talked us about this, this was “crazy shit”, we believed him. Anyways, the joint was an incredible one, things is that because we are idiots, we added a shitton of hash and a shitton of another expensive grass to the bong. My friend hit it first and nigga didn’t feel anything, I hit it and I was instantly transported to the Marijuana Shadow Realmâ„¢. I don’t remember many things about that hour and a half of my life. Some frames I have from those moments were:

  1. A friend of mine in ambulance mode to gave me coke (the drink, not the drug)
  2. My other friend doing research and getting an acuarius as donation from the club because of my condition.
  3. Puked three times
  4. This romanian motherfucker spawning with a kebab to save my godforsaken soul.

That’s all I remember. I recommend it

Red Sangria (Grass, 12 EUR/Gram)

To be written, still have to smoke it.

CONT: Smoked it. Was so good I forgot to do the review.