Being a functional adult and marijuana

Painting monkeys is fine for your spare time, but you need a real job

--- Rafael Álvarez

We have been scammed, we have been fooled, somehow, someone managed to make the whole world beleive all you gotta do in life is to be in front of a screen solving tickets, and passing tickets to others. This is the real job of a sysadmin, no speedrunning nginx installation, no epic servers with neofetch and an epic tmux on it. Only a shit, godforsaken, barely working RedHat installation. No epic, good software we all know and love because they "don't have corporate support".

Before corona, remote work was not a thing, or it was rare, at least, thing is that seems like humans are supposed to be 8 hours a day replying to tickets and other kind of bureaucracy, in a office, in which there are posters about how your corporation is absolutely friendly with the environment, they're susteniable, inclusive, and many other things I will talk about in other blogpost.

I think that being a office worker and depression are inherently tied. I mean, we has humankind have never thought about how dystopic it is to be looking at a screen the most time of our day. It's quite ironic that it's me who says it. But fuck you, rethoric figure, it's my website and I say whatever I want on it.

So if depression is inevitable people look for things to do to cope with the fact that our lives are extremely empty, some people go to whorehouses, other just drink incredible ammounts of alcohol, others become bodybuilders, and others simply smoke weed.

We have been told that weed smokers are good for nothing pricks, maybe, maybe. But apparently these days "being a functional adult" is just going to work and having money, you're a good person if you make a corporation with infinite money have infinite money + 1. Also a good functional adult solves jiras, open new jiras, wakes up at 7 A.M., drinks coffee (coffee just because cocaine is illegal, I'm fucking sure that there would not be coffee machines but cocaine tea machines if it was legal) and then gets back to their house and browse reddit, watch shit on the TV and repeat until you die.

There's a 1999 film about that I'm sure everyone who ended up in this website has watched so I don't think I have to explain all of that. People might tell me that at least I don't carry high weights under the sun. Well, yes, that's true, every job is depressing but for different reasons.

What I mean is that everything is expensive, you want to go to the cinema, it's expensive, you want to go to the amusement park, it's expensive, you want to do literally anything, you can't because you're poor. Weed is cheap compared to other kind of activities, and I gotta save money for the time I accept the fact that I ceased being 17 years old a long time ago and move.

In my completely honest opinion, it is better to be a chronic smoker with more tar than oxygen in his lungs than a consumer with a shelf full of anime figures. You can call me an addict or whatever you want, but the fact that I don't have anime figures makes me way less degenerate.

It is possible to be a "functional adult" despite being a chronic smoker? Well, first we gotta relaize that "funtional adult" is, (apparently) what I mentioned some paragraphs earlier, I'd say sure, you can peacefully wake up and work without smoking weed because when you wake up feeling like shit because unknown reasons last thing you think about is lighting a blunt, your body will simply reject the THC.

If we define being a functional adult someone who can take care of his house and land, sure, you can do all of that being high as hell, it will only take you a few minutes more because you're high.

The truth is that we have been fooled with what being a funcitonal adult means. I don't even know what that means, but I'm sure being a compliant bureaucrat ain't it.

Maybe a functional adult is that one who is able to do what he wills, doing what he likes and minimizing the pain of doing what he dislikes. But maybe this is called having conciusness rather than being functional.

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