I have finally been swallowed by the noise of modernity

"music is organized noise and sounds when you understand the feelings of
the sounds you revive and gasp the true meaning of music"

--- endemic

coauthors: Endemic.

I'm a lazy motherfucker, when this day started, i was thinking that going to griñon as a bad idea simply because the public transport of this city fucking sucks balls, cock and ass. But the truth is that today it wasn't so shit, hell, even a guy in Atocha offered me a cigarette, smoked it with him and he was a good guy, I hope he has a good rest of his life. He was a rapper, he did improvised freestyles on the train, rapping about the things he was seeing, hell, even he made some bars about the situation of smoking a cigarette with a random guy.

That made the "somehow bad" day into a good day, because that simply was an experience that never has happened to me. And I like th fact that there are still good people here. Like we are fucking our lungs by smoking a cig, but at least we had good 15 minutes.

So I went to Griñon for the late birthday of my friend Machukovich, and also Endemic (who is here right now drinking a beer) also came. Endemic is a controversial character because of his musical taste, like this nigga is able to tell you the whole lore of DJ Screw and the lore of the most weird music you'll ever hear in your fucking life. I don't know how a man like this guy can exist, but he does.

After listening to mellon collie (again) we started listening to noise music because it's literally impossible not to listen to noise when this guy is around and despite I thought noise was music made by breaking plates and blenders and shit, today I think I understood noise music, but we have to difference what I call "music" and the media genre known as "cp violation", I'd define cp violation as something disturbing. And that's it. This comes from a song from Half Life 2 called literlaly "cp violation", and the "cp" means control point.

Well, the dude started playing "Ramleh - Bite the bolster" the most degenerate music ever, apparently there are 2 branches of boise, harsh noise and power electronics. This one was power electronics, I think I can just make harsh noise by throwing raw data to audacity. But this was incredible, I was drunk as shit and listening to the distorted guitars of the song in question. This was a moment of dissociation in was it was me and the music, the song did not make any sense, but still it was some unbelievable shit. Was so unique that made me dissociate from the situation, eventually I came out from my trance and said some words that all of us have said sometime, somewhere "Endemic, you have changed my life."

Everybody I know understood noise, it was my turn, it seems. I guess you can never escape your fate. I guess I understood noise and the meaning behind it, just basically letting your intrusive thoughts to make music, at leat that's what I got from it.