Yesterday night I went to the lake with the intention of getting to know something new.

To be frank, let me hit the dank before you take me to the tank
Allah I thank, my mind went blank

--- Point Blank

Coauthors: Narturo, Machukovich

I am here, with my kriptonigga Narturo Lopez Gomez II Lopez A.K.A. The Romanian, smoking a joint, writing a suragus, in his fucking narturohouse.

You might be wondering, how we ended up in this situation. It's a funny story, because of the current state of the real estate market of Madrid, my friend had to go to Andorra, Fucking Teruel. I already talked about that.

So we picked the car and went through liminal towns of Castilla-La Mancha, such as Pancrudo, and Torre de Negros.

When I see the motherfucker in my eyesight, the first thing we do is to roll The Legend Joint.

We went to the bathroom of this guy to smoke the thing so we can create a submarine, so we brought the smoking things and the dürüms to the room. It was an epic experience, even the guy who doesn 't know how to smoke got high.

The kebab was epic, I had to save it for later. But the situation was even more epic, because we were literally in a bathroom listening to Ganja Music, to celebrate the comeback of the Romanian to such a world.

So we're in the room philosophizing right now, but the problem is that we don't know what to meditate about, we're right now listening to a popular song by Blue Oyster Cult, about the fear of death, and why it's stupid to have a fear of death.

We have already talked about NPCs, those kind of persons, who don't know they're alive, they completely lack consciousness, you can easily identify them because of their look, they're always wearing a black tracksuit, and you can tell they have been listening to Quevedo's new song.

There are many, many, many, people like this, like they randomly generated, the thing is that despite how they look, every time I had to talk to them because of life situations (i.e. I was going to smoke a joint in the trunk, but there were some people there also smoking and we started talking because I'm not antisocial) i have never had bad experiences.

We usually judge people because of how they look, this is nothing strange, I would say that it is even human nature, because of the evolution of the human brain, we have pattern recognition, we can use this to either see among us everywhere, recognize a dangerous animal or recognize a quevedo listener1, we instantly reject them because of what we think they are. I talked about this in my post "labels".

Maybe we are the problem, is it our fault?, well, like the Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset said, "I am me and my circumstance", there are things you choose, and things you don't have any kind of control about. You cannot control the people of your family, or the country you were born in, you are simply put in this world with some kind of entropy generation, like generating a minecraft world. So if your circumstance, for some reason, made you antisocial, well, you cannot be blamed. Maybe you can improve if you start working on yourself, but that's another kind of question.

Some people might be "insecure" and many other things, but I'm sorry, if you want to get to anywhere in life you have to change, Asi es la puta vida jordi wild.

My friend here says that maybe I can teach people how to change, the thing about this is that I ain't no Messiah, I am just a guy with industrial amounts of THC and caffeine writing a blog posts, I don't think I cannot save no one, because I am not the kind of person who should save someone. Maybe this can tell that I hate myself or something, no, what I mean is that in the end, I am just a regular human, I have no right to tell you how to think or what to do.

Well, with that said I think it's time to tell the story of the cousin of my friend.

Well, he wrote a whatsapp to my friend, it was a trade offer, we give him a joint and he give us a lot of weed. We worked really hard rolling the motherfucker the best joint I have ever rolled, it had 3 types of weed and hash. And all of this for nothing, because what he ended up doing was to see the joint and say "this is shit i am not going to smoke it". So what he did was to pick 2 buds and give us a bag full of weed and fuck, because the cousin told my friend to clean the fucking kitchen.

Then we discovered the Jointo-Jointo nashi, We rolled a joint with cbd weed, we smoked it and discovered that this is being high but sober. You're absolutely high, but you're not it's not something easy to explain. It's like you pick everything good of being high, but you're not.

I want to salute all my friends now, the hortaleza boys, El Turi, El Alfer, los kriptos, el akvvma, el endemic (who is on his way ok), el gab. El Semo and El Juan (The Peruvian), El Mario and el Leo.

The house of this nigga is the most psychotic thing I have seen in my life, because there are 3 music players each of them playing different music, you can have Manglis, Pink Floyd and Classic Rock in a specific room. They started watching Naruto by 13:00 and it was like 16:00 and they haven't realized they have been watching naruto for 3 hours.

This is peak decadence, but that's my opinion. There are many similar things in Andorra, Teruel and Madrid, for example, the rutine is the same, we wake up, we listen to music or play the guitar or the keyboard. Then we go for a walk, we buy Eneryetis, smoke something and go back. That's literally what we used to do in Madrid. In Madrid, we had El Tronco, here we have La Cueva. Different stuff, but we're still the same motherfuckers as always, so we will do the same things.

my nigga akvvma sent us a preview of his new album, he told us to listen to it last night, but we had a lot of things to do, so we listened too much later, so much later that he re-sent the preview with some changes to make it more epic I guess, the song is pretty epic, it is literally every music genre that exists, the spammed amen breaks took us by surprise. A salute to him again. But he could add more solos or something to the song.

Machukovich's been doing reggae with Teruel inspiration, and after playing the keyboard for 4 hours in a loop made in FL Studio got 4 patterns for the song. Manglis have us his blessing by saying "That's great man it's cool". We will try to finish it. I will play the guitar on the song and Narturo will do the vocals. I hope my guitar track can be better than Lil Wayne's

The fact is that I'm retarded and I forgot to bring the JACK cable so I cannot connect the guitar to the sound card, and thus we can't record the guitar like it should be recorded, we're just going to record it with a microphone and make it sound like shit in FL Studio. I don't think nothing good can come from this Peruvian way of recording, but Machukovich wants the thing finished before we go. I don't see it, to be honest.

We are now eating a sandwich, which is more dry than its fucking mother but it's the best thing I have ever tasted. And also drinking Don Simón Orange Juice. Very delicious by the way.

The phone decided to play Paranoid by Black Sabbath, a song I have already talked about in this blog, it's a song that no matter how many songs you know, you'll end up listening to it again and again. Because I think it's a pretty relatable song. Incredible song made in less than 30 minutes. I can play it in guitar, and playing this song in particular is absolutely therapeutic. I recommend it to everyone who plays the guitar.

We are now philosophizing on what mommy issues does to a motherfucker, the conclusion is the more mommy issues you have, the more hentai you consume. Hentai in specific. No 3D porn, don't ask why, but this is true.

We think that DJ Screw attended DJ Screw's funeral. Not as a corpe, but as a corpse and as guest. This is paradoxical, but given the fact that DJ screw is The Legend, he was able to perform quantum inmortality.

The Legend is an album made by DJ Screw, but published After he died.

The following paragraph is a reflection by Machukovich, It is just here because he wanted to write, we were debating on psychoactive, it was originally written in Spanish, so I will shamelessly translate it with deepl:

I've been talking to the kids about drugs, and when I've taken drugs, it's been because I've wanted to I've taken drugs because I wanted to experience new things, and to see how much it to see how much it increases my creativity. But I see that they have risks, so I think it's something to do only once in a while, and not to abuse it or do it constantly. not to abuse it or do it constantly, both because it is in itself something that has a negative something that has a negative effect, as well as because in the end it ends up losing the grace. And not just any drug will do, although each drug has its different uses. drug has its different uses, someone said that the drugs are not bad in bad in itself but it all depends on when and what you use them for. and I think he might be right, but I hate alcohol because it makes me lose control of my alcohol because it makes me lose control of my head and my actions, and I detest actions, and I hate dissociatives because they annul you and don't let you do anything. do anything. Because of this stance I have about drugs, the drugs, the ideal for me is a drug that gives you a very good sensory and self-awareness experience. sensory experience and self-knowledge, that gives you as much creativity and lucidity as possible, and creativity and lucidity as possible, and that you can only take it every so often to avoid time to avoid losing the grace of this kind of experiences, and to make them more special. experiences, and that they are more special. For me this drug is LSD, because according to my experiences, its possibilities are infinite.

To my point of view, drugs are not the solution to any problem. I don't think that pills sold as "cure for depression" are the solution toa anyone's progblems. But just a way to make the problem invisible for some months. In the case of psychedelics, sure, do whatever you want. Again, I can't tell nobody what to take or not to take. But if they're going to take, at least do it in a good way you dont' end up wanting to kill yourself. But all of this get boring. Every drug user should realize that this shit won't make them happy. No subtance is the key of happiness, and that's important. Suicideboys talked about this in the booklet of the album "I want to die in New Orleans" (TODO: meter foto de el libreto cuando vuelva a Madrid.)

Another thing I have find in this house is the curious inspiration sources we all have, for example, Narturo gets inspiration with schizophrenic noise music like Watashi no Koko, Machuckovich gets inspiration with Andalusian Rock (Reader, do yourself a favor and listen to Triana) and I get inspiration from Grunge supergroups, Mad Season is a good one. Temple of the dog is also epic. I don't know, that music style inspires me to write for some reason.

Now we're going to eat sausages and fried eggs, a God's dinner, pretty epic dinner, we have been having this a dinner for three days now. And we will NEVER get tired eating this. Eating is difficult for me, because I always have to struggle with my greatest addiction: caffeine, it's hard to eat when there's industrial amounts of caffeine in your blood, and this is a problem.

Now we will have a night walk, a long one. Walking on the town in middle of the woods is epic. Nothing to survive but just euro energy drink. It's funny the strange kind of love you start to feel for those things that are harmful and unhealthy, but helped you to survive during "hard" days2. Like in that Breaking Bad episode Walter gives noodles to his old university mate, the guy he made Grey Matter with. The noodles are unhealthy, but you develop some kind of love for it because it helped you to survive in strange days. The same thing applies for the eneryetis. I guess that, like Red Hot Chili Peppers said, dark necessities are part of Man's design. And hard to fight against human nature, as we talked earlier.

I guess I'll report back when I come back from that walk. These guys are watching Naruto. Again. Now I will just wait.

We had a walk, we went to some grungy stones in a grungy mountains which were literally on the highway. Two cars were passing there every 2 minutes and every time they passed there they yelled us things like "asshole" or something. I don't know what we did to them, but despite the fact that at the moment it was kinda creepy, 3 minutes later we find it amusing. That's the moment in which we ran out of weed. Thing is that when we throwhed the Last Joint, our friend called us saying my friend's cousin is in the house with more weed.

Then with more weed we went to another grungy stones and talk about life. Like Metallica said "I've never opened myself this way". The situation left us thinking and in a reflexive mood. I will remember that conversation for the better part of my life. Weird shit has happened to all of us. But that ain't no reason to restrict yourself. You always gotta go on no matter what, because if you're still alive you have still the possibility to fuck the world. You still have a chance. A human has always the possibility of improvement so long you're self aware. Some people are self aware and don't want to change. Those at least know they're insane. The ones that are not self aware are basically idiots and will never accept their defects. But someone self aware knows he's a $THING and makes fun out from it.

What I mean is that you always gotta keep it real.

In that talk I also realized I am sick of many, many things. And I want to change some stuff. There's always room for improvement.

Narturo is now dissociating in his room listening to harsh noise. I still don't understand how songs made throwing raw data onto Audacity is enjoyable. I don't know how fucking mentally deranged schizophrenic with Quasimoto what are you doing with the motorbike have to be to enjoy that kind of music3. I just wanted to listen to Triana and Extremoduro today. It's good having coauthors, especially the ones that coauthored this posts. But sometimes I need my very especific way of getting inspiration. Already talked about that.

Doing the "whisper challenge" is something epic, recording it and watching the vide next day it's way more epic. I recommend this activity to every person on earth.

Now the Ecuadorian is playing GTA San Andreas or something and machukovich is working in the reggae song for the third day in a row. And I'm writing this post for the third day in a row.

Now I am just lying on the grungy bed Narturo could give me. Despite it's age and sorrow. I still sleep well. I guess I'm not as old as I thought I was. I have a joint that still smells good for a dead motherfucker. And the Ecuadorian is using his adhd superpowers to talk about gas prices. Then I felt asleep.

just waking up in the last day of Teruel. We are having now our last joint, the last meal, the last Naruto watches, the last laughs, the last everything. It's a odd day outside, there's no sun, it is raining. For some reason all sundays are like that, quite ironic.

Before picking the train, we had a last side quest in Andorra, getting hashish. We did that. Getting hash guied by the cousin of the romanian was a curious experience, good hash for a good price, you cannot find this quality hash for the same price nowhere in Spain.

Now I'm back home, in my personal computer I have been using since I got it, in my room, listening to DJ Screw, finishing this blogpost.

For the last paragraph, I don't think i'm sick of this "life" thing. I mean, it sucks, but you just have to live it. No matter what, if you're not dead you can keep going. Life might be difficult, but so long you have a strong mind, you can do anything, the main problem is that we do not have such a strong mind. I'd say mine is strong, but not that strong. Nevertheless, I'm glad no one I know died from benzodiacepine overdose in Andorra, Teruel. It was a good week.

  1. I'm saying "Quevedo Listener" as a humor resource, the people worth smoking a joint with despite of how they dress usually have better taste in music. ↩

  2. Hard days as, we don't have a lot of things to survive, I think we're having the times of our lives to be honest. ↩

  3. If you want to call it that.  ↩

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