Hallowed be Thy Name

If I don't stand my own ground, how can I find my way out of this maze?
Deaf, dumb and blind, you just keep on pretending
That everyone's expendable and no one has a real friend
And it seems to you the thing to do would be to isolate the winner
Everything's done under the sun, but you believe at heart everyone's a killer
--- Roger Waters, in Dogs

Every dog has his day, every smoker has his fine.

There are only two ensured things in life, death and taxes. Every human that comes to this world has to pay taxes. Everyone pay taxes. Even unborn babies pay taxes because there was a VAT in condomns/the pills women take.

To date, I have paid enough taxes to lift a family out from poverty for a month. But instead of doing something worthy with my money, it went to God knows where.

Where do our taxes go? Spain has a "trasparency portal", in which they explain where your taxes went. Thing is that, like a good trasparency portal, it says everything except where your taxes went. You can see that we have a medic as Minister of Finance. Why do we have a fucking medic taking our money away? Well, this answer will cancel me but it's true so I won't hesitate to say it: Because the minister is a woman and our prime minister is a simp who put women into the power simply because they're women.1.

We had local elections in Spain last Saturday, I decided to vote but instead of voting for anyone i just wrote in a paper "Perro Sanchez hijo puta". Null voting is epic, is literally to exercise your right to vote. Which is in my opinion bullshit because if voting changed anything in the current system it would be prohibited.

This kind of reminds me to the people who says "You are NOT inmune to propaganda". Alright, you telling me i'm not inmune to propaganda makes you inmune to propaganda? Asshole. If you want to change the world start by making your bed.

One day we got caught smoking a joint in a park, this is a serious harmful activity which threatens everyone's health. If you see two friends smoking a joint you'll get inmediatly and automatically brain cancer, you don't even have to puff the joint, or even smell it, you only have to be concious about the guys smoking marijuana to die. This is how the brain of the guy who wrote the laws work. Anyways, we got caught by a cocaine-addict policeman which decided his life was so shit so he had to fuck up someone's life (Like a school bully, their parents hate the kid so he just fucks someone's life).

In Spain getting a fine for smoking joints is something somehow rare. This is because the bureaucracy to even give the fine:

  1. A cop caught you smoking a joint
  2. He asks for your ID and shit
  3. He finds/you give him the stuff
  4. They take it to the laboratory
  5. If shit has THC, you get a fine, which can be from 601 to 30000 euros.

That's the myth, the logos is that the cocaine loving ass cop will smoke your shit and, as there is no proofs of any crime, there is no fine. This happened to use, we have been caught by cops two times, the first cops were not son of bitches, first thing they told us is that we're not going to get a fine. That was true. And they seized my friends' grinder but they ended up giving it back to him because "we have liked you".

Look I understand a cop has to put fines to feed his family (It's incredible and depressing, and horrible that a cop gets a bonus for every fine he gives to someone. this means they literally get paid for fucking people's life for months). But it's not my problem, he could have done something more useful with his life, being a plumber, electrician, fucking hell, even a TikToker is more useful to society than a policeman. Simply because the TikToker's job isn't to bother people. Plus being a cop is pathetic. Theorically, a cop is less than a civilian, because the cop is to "Protect and serve", but MyBalls33, I mean, they do Protect and Serve, but not us, they Protect and Serve the same people who give them crumbs and will have exactly no problem on tying a stone to their neck and throw them to a lagoon once they cease being useful for them.

I don't know if cops ever feel like they're being used, I guess not, because for some fucking reason I will never understand, a cop has the most default face one human can have, is like they made them in a laboratory, literally NPCs without conciusness which will never question who they are serving. Metallica has a song called Master of Puppets, which is about being addicted to a substance, you're the puppet of the drug, and the drug is your master. Like I said, all of our cops, on top of that default face have a DLC: You can tell his breakfast was cocaine, his lunch was more cocaine and his dinner will be even more cocaine.

Anyways, if the cop who put that fine onto us is reading this (though I doubt that bus stop rat bag can read any language but Spanish), You have no idea of what you have missed, you have missed the chance to smoke the best weed, weed straight from the West of Madrid. Your cocaine loving ass would have loved it. Maybe if you smoked that shit instead of fining us, you would not have soooo much suicidal thoughts.

BECAUSE THAT'S ANOTHER! If all the agents of Spain made a town, it would be the town with the highest suicide rate, last summer 8 agents killed themselves. They kill themselves because their superiors are assholes, because their job sucks, because they don't get paid shit, because they have to move from one city to another and thus lose contact with your family and most importantly: because they have a gun.

As a fun fact, yesterday I came straight from the West with 2 kilos of Morocco in my bag, my dude who shares a fine with me came back from Hell so we decided to smoke the comeback joint, we rolled a joint in Moncloa, bad idea because there was a lot of cops, always. Thing is that we smoked it and, on the last puff, a cop car spawned, we ran like hell to a safe zone, eventually we ended up resting in a bench, smoking a completely legal, with all required taxes paid, cigarette.

Then, when we were smoking peacefully, the same fucking cop car passes like 50 cms in front of us, going through the bikeway instead of the highway like any normal person, but, like Lord Quas said: "I said fuck y'all, niggas ain't got no evidence"

We were in a natural park, apparently, part of what I pay on taxes is destined to pay the gas for a cop car to go around a fucking park in which NOTHING HAPPENS2. But still the motherfuckers were around there. Bothering anyone who existed.

Imagine being those cops, imagine that you saw 2 guys smoking a joint so you go through all the fucking park to see if you can finally feed your family because your life choices were shit. And then you see the same niggas who were smoking a joint smoking a cigarette but you don't know they were the same dudes because my instinct of survival goes like cop car -> run like hell, then you pass 50cms in front of them and they're talking about Kanye West. And you, the cop, didn't know those 2 guys have 5 times your salary in THC. I would also want to kill myself.


Now, this paragraph might be offensive but more is offensive that I have to pay taxes so cops can waste gas in a park. If someone reading this is a cop, please don't delay your fate and kill yourself already. If someone willing to be a cop is reading this, skip everything and go already for your fate: kill yourself.

Still I don't want weed to be legalized because I ain't paying taxes for it.

  1. One time, our Prime Minister became so schizophrenic that he put not one, not two, not three but FOUR vice-presidents. They were all women so he went to Twitter to announce that we're the first country to have four women as vicepresidents, no, you're wrong Pedro Sanchez, we are the FIRST and ONLY country with four vicepresidents. ↩

  2. Nothing interesting, I mean, smoking a joint is illegal but if you want to fight crime you'd be doing anything but going for the guys smoking joints in my opinion. Simply because marijuana comsumption is like robbing a bank: a victimless crime. Victimless crimes are only a crime because you don't pay taxes for them. This is why drug trade and smuggling are illegal. Because the State doesn't get shit from it. ↩

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