An ode to no one (How to improve and grow as a person)

I can't handle no liquor
But these bitches can't handle me
I can't control my niggas
And my niggas they can't control me

--- Chief Keef, in Hold My Liquor,


First things first, you're reading how to grow as a person in That being said. Most likely you are reading this through I2P, that's autistic but I won't judge because of that because I'm the guy who provides a mirror, now if you're reading this website through a tilling window manager, I will insult you: you're brown and you smell like uncleanliness.

If on top of using a window manager, you have a like 30% transparent terminal background so you can see Lain Iwakura every time you open a terminal, you should kill yourself1.

If anyone here could explain me why lainfags concentrace all their autism on only one anime, I'd be glad to hear the explanation, because I don't know why I was a lainfag either.

Anyways, if you're a lainfag the only thing you can do is to wait for the lain phase to end, that's what I did, nevertheless there are many ways of accelerating that day. Because of experience, these techniques are sorted from most effective from least effective (but they work nevertheless)

Doing something with your life is useful as well, playing osu or Etterna is not doing something useful with your life, is literally the opposite, you could be doing literally anything instead of playing osu. Like play any music instrument, it's like a rhythym game in real life. It's epic.

I mean, to grow as a person you basically have to cut the bullshit, you will not be remembered for being a lainfag, no one will remind you for being good at osu.

Now, the guy who uses only suckless software, haha, charade you are. You use lightweight software but your body is not precisely lightweight.

Everything state above is a lie, I only openly insult people who are similar to me, everyone knows I used to be a hardcore lainfag, and that I used tilling window managers, and that I fucking develop "suckless" software (i'm not fat). What I mean is that keep the autism for yourself, if lain is relatable to you then kill yourself like she did in the videogame.

This reminds me to this guy who I cannot say his name, I'll just say that nigga's so fat he was making the car use more gas than normal. He was dancing sonic music. Please don't be like this guy.

Anyways, i will tell you that no one in your life will tell you, you are not special for being a lainfag, you're not special for using dwm, I'm not special for playing the guitar or smoking pot.

Sure you can have the most autistic linux setup and have 3 copies of Lain in VHS format. But the truth is that being alive is something pretty cool, mostly because of the fact that, in reality, no one cares about what you do, no one cares about your life because others have their own life. Life is sadly not La Que Se Avecina.

  1. This coming from the dude who has a Lain drawing on my desktop. Thanks Gab. ↩

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