The caffeine question

Everytime I wake up I give the coffee maker a hit, sometimes I cannot survive without that shit, well, ideally it would be "sometimes", but the truth is that i'm a heavy caffeine addict like everyone in the modern world.

Caffeine is such a mystery for us all, some people (soys) drink coffee for its flavour, its taste and many other things, they go to starbucks and spend like 15 USD in a cup of coffee, they say "this coffee good!", then tweet it or post it as story in Instagram, like someone cared. Other kind of persons just drink coffee not because its flavour but because its active ingredient: caffeine.

Caffeine is a stimulant, just like cocaine or meth, but it is less potent than cocaine and meth, but if you take enough caffeine, you can probably feel what a dude having a meth psychosis is feeling like. The main difference is that caffeine is not as euphoric as coke and meth (source: psychonautwiki).

So, why do people take caffeine? Well, because we have to wake up, that's the reason to take the first cup of coffee in the morning, you have to wake up not at the time your body wants to wake up but at the time you have to wake up because your shift starts at X time. There are people in this world like my friend Machukovich which has never drank coffee in his life because he does not like it.

Well, caffeine works for doing stuff, it makes you productive, like any other stimulant. It will make you just another gear on current society or a machine of creativity if you take it in your free time and mix it with weed, which is, in my opinion, the cure for adhd1. If you mix weed with caffeine you'll be in the dissociative state of mind in which you either do nothing or you do everything that can be done.

Many anti-capitalist philosophers have theorized a lot on how to overthrow the current system, Marx wrote a bible about it, others philosophers wrote another ways of crashing this society. I think they're all wrong, like I'm pretty sure that if you want to kill the current productive system the most easy way is to cut all the possible caffeine supplies available in the world, no more coffee, no more drinks, no more energy drinks, no more pure caffeine you can mix in a drink or snort. Then wait like 3 days, and there you go, if my theory is correct, the society, world and everything we know will be gone.

I don't really know what I'm writing at this point, caffeine is talking for me at this point, I wanted to do something but I had nothing to do, so I wrote a post about caffeine, but well, it was either writing this or playing another hour of DOOM (2016), which is a great game.

I think that it is possible for a human being to take as much caffeine thatyou trascend reality, you have so much methyltheobromine in blood that you're already a pseudo-god to all the mortal beings, congratulations! You have overclocked your brain! It won't get so warm, but you'll get anxiety.

Again, I don't know what the fuck I have written.

  1. Never understood how the accepted cure for an hyperactivity disorder is an stimulant. But, alright. ↩

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