A brief thought on children arguments

Earlier today I was peacefully bored as shit watching tv when i join my romanian friend's discord call because we're renting a house, we were looking for flats to rent. Thing is that he ended up coming to my neighborhood and we did the stuff we usually do.

Eventually we got to the part of "everyone to his fucking house" and I took the subway to get to my house. When I'm in there I see a curious situation everybody have been in as protagonists.

There was a 10 years old kid arguing with his father. The father was telling the kid that he deserves respect and he's trying to give values to his child. The reason the kid was mad about was because he wanted to be until 00:00 a Sunday night a long way home. And the father did not want the kid to be that late. The kid arged that his friends' parents let them. As anyone with half a brain would know, because most people do something it doesn't mean it's good. But well, it's a kid.

Thing is that eventually in the son-father argument, the father asked me, because i was in front of him, if this is an adequate behaviour for a kid. The kid was making his father look bad in front of his friends (and in front of all the people in the subway), this is ultimately a lack of respect for his father.

So I told the kid to respect his father, the man who provides him with food, a warm house and all the good things he can have, like having a family.

I've been in worse places than the place this kid wanted to be in, I've been in a town far away from home at 4:20 and I had to back home, difference is that I'm a 21 years old man who knows (relatively at least) how to take care of himself, a 10 years old kid barely knows he's alive.

Moral of this story is to appreciate (or respect at least) your fucking father.