A wild journey onto the marginality

"A mi viene a verme la gente sana, y los pongo a todos ciegos"

--- Jesucristo Garcia

El sentimiento de Nuevos Ministerios

If my life was a stairway, I have spent all of it looking for the next step. Some people do not even look for the next step and stay at the beginning of the way, and they never evolve, or at least they do not seem to evolve on my [time i spend knowing about their existence] span. Some people actually go down that stairway but I cannot mention who I am thinking of because of respect.

The other day a friend of mine had a psychotic break and told us to record a video interviewing random people at the Nuevos Ministerios square, which is the worst place a human can go to if what they want is not pills containing unknown substance, PCP, crack, or hashish.

Nuevos Ministerios is a zone of Madrid, it's a pretty funny way because despite what I said before, if you just go to the mall, you'll see brans with 2 words on their name, shit that you can't even buy even by selling your wife to an arab for 3 camels.

Thing is that if you go to a certain zone of that Nuevos Ministerios (the square, despective name: Goth's Square), you'll go to the most marginal zone in the city. You can see the k-poppers suffering an embolism and recording it for TikTok, you can also see dudes doing fornite dances, other guys drinking and smoking, other's are snorting, by all means, is such a place.

When we started to interview people and asked them how is the relationship of habitants of this place with their parents, we got an unexpected answer: Most of them openly said that their parents "hate them". For political correctnes, I cannot describe how they looked like... She had short red hair.

The thing is that the people of this place behave like street cats doing the mating dance when they see a camera, we had, just by eye, 25 ravers, emos, goths, and everything in between around us, wanting to be in the video, asking for cigarettes, marijuana smoke. It was such a stressful situation, nicotine was a requirement.

One interesting character of this moment of the day, was the entity know as "la ana frank", she interrupted the whole recording context to say that she genuinely believed that she was the reincarnation of Ana Frank, the girl they made an album about. Then she explained us how she has schizophrenia since she's 5 years old and she's taking drugs, and still complains about schizophrenia.

One interesting guy we interviewed was Roman, he was a young man with "2 million" purchasing power. Doesn't know what k pop is, asked us if this was going to be on TV, and that if he talked about what he thinks about our prime minister he would go to jail.

Overall, it was a funny experience to record those videos, something pretty funny that happened the next week is that we went to the same square, not because we like that place but because the public transport of Madrid is a bad joke, anxiety was all around us because all of the familiar faces.

When we were hurting nobody, minding our own business and rolling a joint, Ana Frank comes to us, and told us things I do not remember because i was dissociating at that moment, only thing I remember is that she's still taking drugs and her life sucks. I won't make comment on this anecdote because this is a public txt file.

I learned a lot on those experiences, not like what I learned is useful knowledge, but still had me thinking, the dudes there were not as bad as we thought they would be. We thought they were simply retarded (some of them were, to be honest, didn't even know who they were or what that pill had), but they were not bad people, at least taking into account how many times I'll see them in my life.

I have always seen submerging yourself into a urban tribe as a cope, it's the only reason I could think of why someone would change all their lifestyle, looking style and shit is for attention, to get the attention they do not receive at homes.

I would not be sure if teenagers drinking since they're 14 and they're now 18 and never stopped drinking are a good repleacement for a family unless your goal in life is to be 20 years old cocaine addict. But hey I'm not judging, I used to have long hair and bought 3 volumes of Lain in VHS format1 and I smoked a joint before writing this.

Maybe people should focus more on themselves instead on worrying too much about what other people do. For example dudes on my email asking me what software I use. I will gladly give you an interview. 50 euros.

Anyways, nothing stated here is a lie, if you don't believe be go watch this video which probably the reader will not understand because he doesn't speak spanish but it's still funny to redirect them to this video. Also shoutouts to akvvma, machukovich, gordofobo and the dominican guy who passed the joint.

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