The idea of writing a short blogpost that would literally serve as an interlude came to my mind a few minutes ago. Sadly nothing came to my mind at the moment. My mind usually goes blank whenever I have to think about something worth telling. I used to have literal enlightments months ago that would make me write a blog post about that thought in particular. I do not longer have such enlightments. It probably means that I have become lazier, at the point i'm too lazy to even think.

Being lazy is kind of a good thing, a lazy person would only do what's strictly necessary, and would do things in a way you don't have to fix them in the future so you can continue to be lazy. On the other hand, being lazy is stupidly boring. There's not a lot of things to do if all you want to do is nothing. And I guess that's why I don't get enlightments anymore.

Modern humans have the ability of skipping the process of thinking: you can ask a friend to give you a subject to talk about (which i did), or you can have a random guy write all the shit for yourself, there's a wikipedia article on that. Contemporary humans have got another way of skipping the process of thinking, it is called chatgpt.

I asked my friend for a dumb thing to talk about and he gave me an enlightment.

We have talked many times in this blog (probably no more than 2) on how corrupted contemporany humans are. How we stopped thinking about many things just for our own good or pleasure, unable to think that sometimes in life you just accept that they screwed you and you can't have what you want. People don't use reason to determine whether something is good or bad and do bad things thinking they are good, nowadays people have 0 standards.

Because of the inevitable void that living in the contemporany world implies, people have found ways to feel less like shit, those activities are coloquially (and formally too it seems as the wikipedia article is called like that) known as "coping mechanism". We all cope, I cope too, some years ago I spent a considerable amount of money on Thinkpads, tools for corebooting machines, corebooting machines, and VHS tapes of certain anime, because I thought that all of that stuff would cure my depression.

One day, a wise guy said: "less coping and more grinding", I won't define grinding because this ain't a Jordan Peterson book.

So basically, that void is reponsible for the concept of social media profiles, I asked my good friend ChatGPT about it, and it said one of the hardest things ever, social media are only useful to create an idealized (and most likely fake) version of yourself, so you get people's approval. I mean, if NPC theory is real, I don't think that people like Quevedo (the rapper) unironically, but because they want to fit into a group. Basically they sold their souls to, as my equatorian friend would say: "npcs de twitter". A emerging online trend is basically hating yourself, just plain hating yourself. Do people really hate themselves or they don't really hate themselves and do it for attention?

Wanting to have attention online is something we have already discussed on this blog, but the previous posts were about terminally online people who browse and post in imageboards, now we are talking about people you can see everyday in the bus, at your university or school. We're also not talking about people who have a valid reason to hate themselves such as losing their children or something like that.

The only reason I have in this part of my life to keep on living is the fact that one day I will be an old man with nothing left to do in his life. Meaning i'm finally free. I have nothing to care about, my children are probably doing good and I already paid everything I had to pay, I can be a Senior Bastard, like Izaskun Sagastume. And I think that if i'm not dead yet, i'll still able to fuck the world.

People nowadays (and also before, what the hell), don't know that they can fuck the world if they wanted, probably because low self esteem, and worrying too much about someone's life. Well, you know, if the scatman can do it, so can you.

I think, and this might be weird, that anyone who is not an total NPC has contemplated suicide at least once. And if you want to end your life it's because you probably really hate yourself, so you're not probably wanting attention but just to end everything.

Then we have "npcs de twitter", people who barely know that they're alive, this people have no will to live or to do anything, they just don't want to die because there's no Netflix in heaven, if one of these people said "ay tia ke quiero morir xq me a dejao el paco" while having red hair and fishnets, and rolling a cigarette with tobacco from her tobacco package decorated with hello kitty, tweet screenshots and a warning that says "smoking is good", that person probably deserves to die but she just want attention.

I guess that you never can tell, these people are NPCs, and they barely know they're alive, so I don't really think they want to die because if you want to die you first have to know that you're alive. Animals don't normally commit suicide. And by this reasoning, i think that NPCs don't really hate themselves because they just want attention and to be "cool", that's why they have a "smoking is good" warning.

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