la que se avecina, or "the one that looms"

I live in Spain, surely a country, this country is mostly known for its bad things (like every other country) and nobody mentions the good things. The good things of this country is basically the spanish sitcoms, in Spain, only two sitcoms exists, Aquí no hay quien viva (aqui não há quien viva in portuguese) and La que se avecina (a que se aproxima). The former can be downloaded at and the later remains as a piracy mistery.

(this post contains spoilers but I don't think that you can spoil a sitcom)

Aqui no hay quien viva is a sitcom about neighbors living in the appartment of "desengaño 21". La que se avecina is the same concept but they live in "Mirador de Montepinar" building block.

In this post I will make a personal review of the later, La que se avecina, which I consider to be the greatest piece of art this country has ever made. This show has 13 seasons and I'll divide it in how i think it should be divided, the beginnings, the peak and the end.

The beginnings are the first and second season, in which you can see it's literally a sequel to aqui no hay quien viva. It introdouces characters that do the same role they do in Aqui no hay quien viva:

In this seasons nothing notably funny doesn't happen, some remarcable acts from the first and second seasons is that time in which La Cuqui fucked El Pecaminoso and the moment in Which Amador Rivas Latorre turned to Capitán Salami took place. Or when they find Lola Trujillo to be a Hobbyist Gardener so they start selling weed. And the time in which the father of Enrique takes LSD.

In the third season they introduce new characters, the only one that comes to my mind is Judith Becker which is a psychologist who broke with his husband because she wanted to "find herself", she becomes a failure in everything and ends alcoholic. In further seasons she fucks Enrique Pastor.

One of the best characters is Máximo Angulo, also known as "Mentefria" (frozenmind), the janitor of the community and later the barman of Máximo and Enrique, the bar of the community. This bar becomes the reunion spot of "Los leones [de montepinar]" (the lions [of montepinar]) In the history of this character we have: Rejecting job offers from NASA and many other, other things. This dude always knows a guy.

Amador also becomes a full time idiot, in his own words: "A borderline that you shit yourself", a "living fucker", and many other things, he lost La Cuqui and his children, he now has a new children because El Pecaminoso left La Cuqui pregnant. His name is "Ojos de pollo" (chicken's eye according to amazon prime official english subs).

Some funny happenings during the 4th, 5th, which I consider to be peak La que se avecina are: the time in which the son of Antonio Recio turned to be gay and wanted to marry a rich arab guy. His father is the king of petrol so Antonio wants to do business with him. Or the actor mother of Lola Trujillo acting in a porn movie. And amador selling his kidney for paying his mortage (all of this happens in the same episode).

The 6th continues to have all the main characters, but they add the best character of the series: Fermín Trujillo, Fermín is a "espetero" and freelancer, who moves to Montepinar to live with his daughter (lola trujillo), because la paca wouldn't let him see her daughter for 32 years. Fermín was raped by la paca when he was 15 years old behind a Espeto boat. Both "la paca" and fermin have a love-hate relationship. but fermin always accepts la paca again because she would do "the helicopter" to him. There's also "Raluca". But that character is impossible to describe and to explain why it is funny, you have to see it.

Sadly in the 7th and 8th season the series starts to die, by the 9th season it dies but there's the episode of "mandanga style". By this point some classic and epic characters left the series, such as Izaskun and Maritere and leo. And they add a character I won't talk about because that would get me cancelled.

I literally skipped the 10th and 11th seasons.

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