Hardcore Hustle

"How's Ye doing I'm surviving" I was drinking earlier Now I'm driving"

--- Ye

Imagine that you're Mr. Bezos, CEO of the biggest company of the world. The company with most heritage in the whole planet. A company that must know how to do things properly so they can be where they are. And in one of your power trips, you go see who's using your service, so you go to the control room of your Chateau built during the II French Republic. And you see that "Germán Palomares", living in Calle Ave del Paraíso 7, 2 Floor, Letter C is Watching "The One That Is Coming" with a free trial for the second time.

I'm a piracy advocate, I ain't paying a cent to watch (nor to pirate) stuff. If you can get free stuff from big companies, you do whatever you have to do to get that free stuff. If you can get money off the State, you get money off the State. And if you can just not pay for a service provided by a big company that won't notice whether you're paying or not. You get it without paying a cent.

It's pretty funny that despite being the biggest company ever, Amazon does not check the data provided by the users. This means you can register as Walter Hartell White, living at 308 Negro Arroyo Lane, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87104.

Generating fake identities it's the easiest thing ever, the big deal with this is to generate fake methods of payment. Because you know that you can't puyt randomly 16 characters and a date and expect it to work. So you'd have to ask for a new debit card everytime you have to renew the free trial.

Thanks to the Russians, always the Russians, we have Revolut, a neo-bank that some people use to buy crypto, other people use to avoid taxes, other use it to have 0 in their bank account so they can't pay fines, and other people like me use it to be defaulters of streaming services.

So basically, the steps of being a defaulter (or the cooler word: "moroso") of streaming services that will give you a free trial is the following:

  1. Get a way to have multiple e-mail addresses without much of a pain. riseup supports having multiple addresses with one account.
  2. Create an account in the desired website (I have only tried with Amazon) with fake info, if you're out of creativity, you can use this website. But you only have to think of a name and an address, and given that you're laughing at the corps, you should put a funny name and a funny address.
  3. Generate a throwaway debit card in Revolut.
  4. Put the throaway card in as payment method. For the free trial of Amazon Prime, they make you do a payment of exactly 0,00€. So you don't have to have money in Revolut or anything to do this. Not sure about other services. But I guess they're probably the same
  5. Wait 30 days and then repeat.

Maybe you'll get bored of free trials by 3 months of doing this again. But you're not giving companies your money and you can use their services as if you paid for it, and it feels like you're hacking the system.

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