The metaphysics of Lost Media

"Yo una vez hice una canción con Kanye West, lamentablemente, es lost media"

--- Máximo Angulo

Lost media is either a lost movie, lost album or lost whatever or a community that tries to find this stuff. I am not going to talk about the community because I, the writer, and You, the reader, will know how it will end. I am here to talk about the metaphysics of lost media, and how something starts to exist.

One widely known example of lost media is London After Midnight (1927) a silent horror film. The last tape of the film was stored at MGM studios. Which was burned down in 1965, thus, destroying the last copy of this film. Making it lost media.

Thanks to the communication between Brazilians and Russians (and everything in between) the internet and the English language provides, people can talk about lost media, and they often find it, one example of this is the myth of Clockman, which ended up being real. In this case, the lost media was found and its existence was confirmed.

On the other hand, we have Saki Sanobashi, or "Go for a punch", an anime in which 9 anime girls are trapped in a bathroom and they kill themselves because they do not have any other option, you know, everyday shit in ero-guro, This was first mentioned in the most trustworthy website you know, the website that we know that if someone says something in it, it is true, this website is 4chan. 4chan and reddit began searching for the supposedly lost anime, finding absolutely nothing, but discovering interesting stuff like this Taiwanese bootleg company that distributed gore films. Some years after the first mention of Go for a Punch in 4chan, the OP of that post went to the /r/sakisanobashi subreddit and posted the bitter truth, the thing never existed and the made it up just to troll 4chan. Which is often what happens in such website.

We don't know whether that OP is actually the 4chan guy. Which allowed sakifags to do even more research. Worth mentioning that the only guy reported to ever watch this anime is the 4chan OP.

Back to metaphysics, does go for a punch exist?, well, you remember this concept on which many people believe something it's real that it ends up being real? it's called a tulpa, some example of tulpas is Slenderman, Vincent Vega and Spongebob. They're credated with the power of the mind and they start existing because people think they exist. So maybe, Saki Sanobashi indeed exists, but the reddit guy did not tell any lie.

We have proofs of that lost media exists, for example, the "Mueren dos personas y un boliviano" news report. But the only thing we know about the happening is the picture everyone knows. The video of the happening is in the limbo of existence. It is between existing and not existing. We can know the shit exists because we have one proof of its existence, but we could also disproof its existence because no one has a copy of the video.

Lost Media is like God, You cannot confirm nor deny its existence with empirical knowledge, and the only proofs we have about their existence is the schizophrenics who claim to have seen them.

I also must admit that "lost media" is a cool idiom. For example the title of this video is incredible: "Sheiki, your maturity is lost media". The video is random drama so i don't think it's worth watching, but the title is incredible.

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