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The internet is full of insecure people, this kind of people, in order not to finally kill themselves, start coping over the fact that their lives have absolutely no meaning. And they found a way to try to be cool in the internet: being a member of a private torrent tracker.

For those who gratefully don't know what's a torrent tracker, is basically a site in which autisitic people share their autistic niche hobbies, and feel good abotu it because the "uploaded" size is bigger than the "downloaded".

As most of the autistic people on the internet, they take this very seriously. If you don't have a certain ratio, they'll ban you. If share the most minimum information about the tracker, they'll ban you, if you invite someone who was banned, they'll ban you.

These things are also invitation only, so before entring the tracker, you have to know someone who is in the tracker to gain access to the combinations of ones and zeroes that will allow you to get another combination of ones and zeroes. This .torrent file is pimped so they can track you in case you commit the greatest mistake of your life: sending the .torrent file to someone else. Because they'll ban you.

Other trackers do also have the option to sign up after an interview. For example, Red. I think that it must be depressing to be a moderator of private trackers whose job (in which he doesn't get a penny for) is to ask people that joined an IRC channel about file formats, torrenting and audio files transcoding. And judge whether they're WORTHY of accessing the torrents or not.

Another one had open registration but the mods have to approve it. This site was pretty comedic because they do again require you to elaborate on why you want to be part of the "community". No one wants to join a private tracker to be part of a community, but because they want free shit. Maybe the exception is Bemaniso, which we will talk about later.

Da Rules

The rules are ridiculous, let's check RED's rules, I guessthat Bemaniso's rules are funnier, but I do not have access to those right now.

The site's title for RED rules are called "Golden Rules", which means that these rules are to RED users more serious than their mother's cancer.

Do not invite bad users. You are responsible for your invitees. You will not be punished if your invitees fail to maintain required share ratios, but invitees who break golden rules or invite rules will place your invite privileges and account at risk.

nigga it's not my fault if someone who I invited fucked it up

Do not use unapproved clients.

Yeah, these dudes are literally telling you which client to use. They do not elaborate on why this list even exists. I guess it's because their tracker software is so shit that it only works with certain torrent clients.

Do not scam or defraud.

Donating to this site is a scam.

Do not disrespect staff decisions.

I really like this one, and it's kinda what I mentioned before. The dudes running this site have accomplished nothing in their entire lifes and all the shit they're proud of is to host a torrent tracker. I'm pretty glad I do not have a God Complex over torrents.

Do not seek or exploit live bugs for any reason.

There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.

--- George Bush

You cannot look for vulnerabilities in the torrent tracker. I've been doing research and the main torrent tracker that private trackers (bemaniso and whatcdm, for example) use is garbage, written in javascript and optimized for Gentoo Linux, in other words, it is a true miracle that the shit is still working. My guess would be that someone wrote DROP TABLE users and it worked. And I'm pretty sure to say this haven't happened not once, nor twice, but probably so many times they have to write a rule about it.

Do not publish exploits.

And what are you going to do if i publish it anonymously?

Do not share .torrent files or your passkey.

if I was in your tracker the first thing I'd do is to download the entire Estopa discography in FLAC and mirror it in Making all effort on privating shit nothing.


I've read the Bemaniso forum once and it was a comedic expertience. First I see a guy that has concluded that he will never be a woman and wants to chop his dick so bad. It was in a shitposting thread so I don't think it's so true. But as it is posted in Bemaniso, I wouldn't be surprised if it is true. There's also another subject in Bemaniso that I will not talk about for undisclosed reasons.

The experience

in /r/opensignups you can see which private trackers have opened their registrations. This allowed me to get into some of them. They're all shit. They all treat you like a seeding slave. They want you to "donate" to the tracker so you can download more shit. Yes, I will surely pay money to pirate stuff. I also emailed some trackers to get an invite. I didn't have to fake my means. I literally said "I want to pirate stuff" and they let me in. In other tracker, focused on bootleg media, I had to email the mods to be a "power user", again I just had to say I want to pirate stuff. Nothing else. Another tracker worth mentioning is docspedia, in which you can pirate knowledge such as Udemy courses, books, and shit like that. Most torrents are freelech. So these dudes have all my respecto

The other trackers take everything so seriously. I closed my torrent client and they warned me for "Hit & Run". And it's not like the torrents are very requested. From all torrents I have downloaded, the most seeded one is one I got from a public tracker. In my opinion, the only worth part of a private tracker is that you can easily download at 40MB/s. But not everyone have this connection speed, and I won't have it once I move to middle of nowhere. It's also not like there'sd a lot of media you can't find in yify or 1337x (or thepiratebay...) in private trackers, for example all the movie trackers I joined lack the spanish version of Ali G indahouse and The Big Lebowski. So they're shit and should never be used and the owners should do what Kurt Cobain did in 1994.

Anyways, most of the (worthy) things I got from these private trackers are available in

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