IP snitches

"Anda tira, que me cierran el estanco"

--- Marisa Benito

It is widely known that if you're not an idiot and know the most basic thing about webservers, you're not likely to get attacked, because you're not a multimillion dollar company or any important entity. You're just a guy from Collado Mediano who has a website to post the shit you do.

It came to my knowledge a website that is literally snitching IP addresses, this website claims to be "making the internet more secure". I do not see how snitching IP addresses other random dude from San Lorenzo del Escorial see in the ssh log will make the internet safer.

The tobacco prices raised in this country today, I cannot longer buy a camel pack without giving a fuck. One could think that in moments of struggle, the need of money is something natural, but these dudes snitch IP addresses for free. They do not get anything at all from having their servers query this website's API everytime they see something weird in the ssh access log. They do not mind the CPU usage of querying a server, but they do mind the CPU usage of ssh telling someone to fuck off.

I think the people who created this website are people who were hated on their childhood. So they are extremely interested on other people's life because they do not have own life.

If people knew how to configure their servers in an non idiotic way, the need for this shit would not be necessary at all, I'm not telling you to create a complex firewall that only allows IP addresses in the LAN to ssh to the server (like i do ;)). Desactiving the password login is enough to secure a server. And that's it. Again, I'd say that the process of launching a probably-written-in-python script to snitch IP addresses consumes more CPU than ssh logging the stuff.

I've been stuck at writing this post because I do not know what can make someone snitch IP addresses, so I went to the Wikipedia page on snitches (which redirected me to "Informant"), and navigated to the section "Informant motivation", which is rougly why would someone snitch something. You must be a horrible person to snitch just because. And the most real ones are "financial reward" and "Genuine desire to assist law enforcement and society". The former isn't real because they do not pay shit. And the later, well, being an "IP address informant" sounds like the most depressing thing ever. Even more depressing than being a fine-giver or an Spanish Civil Guard who has all his family in another State because he wanted to grow profesionally and keep serving society.

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