A savage journey to the depths of the Spanish Dream

At the begining of the reign of that who we will refeer to "Tekito Tuvoto" in this country, the dude wasn't even elected by the people. They put Tekito because the former prime minister's political party had irregular founds. So he was labeled as "Untrusted" and put this guy as the new prime minister of Spain.

Now we skip to 2022, in which the current government has clearly failed on doing everything they promised to do. The failure of handling the virus, not reducing the VAT, or support small business more, or anything that anyone with a minimum will of helping someone would do. The thing is that, desperated to, the political party of Mr. Tuvoto, propused an idea to get "younger generations more close to culture". So basically there's this thing for everyone who turned 18 this year to get free money, I'd have applied to that but i'm too old for that shit apparently. The thing is that these guys are so idiotic that they don't even know how to buy votes. Further elaboration in the next paragraph.

I don't really know how this money is divided but it isn't free money as in the literal sense of the word because, for what I have been told, you pay with time of your life and with your soul.

Basically, there is 100 euros to get "culture" such as CDs, Vinyls, Books, DVDs and shit like that. And the rest was too go to concerts or shit. I don't know. I was too old for applying.

Don't forget that "ETA is a great nation", so obviously this shit must have been shit. You could only spend the money for "physical stuff" in Designed Stores™. So getting DJ Screw albums would been complicated.

We went to a mall and felt the pain of globalization, once again, bhut we could get some albums, but we couldn't because the government does not even know how to give money they promised to the teenagers.

Another funny thing on "free money for culture" is that you can only literally use that money to consume content. You can't use that money to buy musical instruments, or a video camara or anything remotely related to create your own art.

Another funny happening happened some hours later that happenings. We took the bus to the place that had never failed us, and, truth is that we are sick of so many things in the action of "existing", so we decided not to wear masks (interlude: spain is the only country in Europe in which the use of facemasks in the public transport is obligatory). And some obese african-european old-maid1 told us to wear our masks, my friend's answer was to put his mask on and mine was "lady, we will die anyways.". Thing is that she stopped talking at us for a few minutes until she had to get off from the bus. She told us again how we are irresponsable for not wearing a mask, and that we're idiots and shit like that. She eventually called the poor bus driver, who left his seat, and you could see his pain, his sorrow and all the bad feelings one could feel in his face. His words were "please put your mask". And went back to driving.

The adventures of our friend doesn't stop there. She started to call us everything bad you could think. Another woman who wasn't even wearing a mask told us to wear our mask. Another woman told me "I wish you get the virus". Then she allowed me to retort. My answer was "Are you wishing my death?". The conversation ended there.

The failure of the government to handle the virus and all the shit is incredible. I don't know if they literally forgot to remove the mask thing, or if they're doing this to bother us a bit more. But the thing is that even the bus drivers are sick of the goddamn mask (they don't even wear it sometimes). My only theory is that that kind of people who tell you to put your mask are either secret cops willing to get an extra or some weird person who gets turned on by telling people to put own their masks. This is the case of the security guards of the public transport.

This is also without mentioning how shit the city trains are. They're always late and stay more than 10 minutes in the same station doing god knows what, if you're lucky the train will continue to its destination, but the average case is that they tell you to fuck off and pick another train. Not with that words, but it's basically what you get to.

So, this government was elected in a weird way, they haven't done any of their promises, the VAT is still high as shit, the public transport doesn't work, the public health is a disaster, there's a lot of youth unemployment, gas prices are ridiculous, cops do whatever they want with the law, they send us certified letters, and the tax collection agency works just fine.

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