The death of psychedelics

All those pathetically eager acid freaks who thought they could buy Peace and Understanding for three bucks a hit. But their loss and failure is ours too. --- Raoul Duke

Some minutes ago I was wondering why humans are capable of inhaling air through their mouth if we are not supposed to smoke. Humans are capable of a lot of things, unlike most alive beings in this planet, we are capable of getting used to literally anything. First, we were used to hunt animals and pick food from trees, now we're used to live in a civilization, in society, interacting not so much with the world around us.

Before anything remotely called "modern civilization", humans had to explore and interact with their environment just to survive. Now we're used to stay in a city, just because we don't have the need to move. (biologically speaking).

In their journey on exploring the world they were into, humans discovered psychoactive plants. Some civilizations used it with the purpose of communicating with God or some superior entity. The ancient greeks used the ergot fungus to celebrate the Eleusian Mysteries, and do things ancient greeks used to do.

Some time later, and in the other side of the world, the Incas found that the convination of two plants is extremely psychedelic, and used it, again, with entheogenic purposes.

Ancient vikings used to take psychedelic mushrooms and fight for everything they had while high on them.

But civilization thought that the use of depressors is way better than the use of hallucinogens, and started to use opium and shit instead. As a fun fact. People during the Renaissance would not consume psychedelics but would intentionally consume Belladonna to be better at the time's beauty canon, Hence the name of the plant.

The connection between all these ages is that the use of psychedelics had a purpose, a real purpose. Survival or wanting to know a superior. In the current society, no one takes psychedelics because they want to talk to God or because or because they're interacting with the environment --- Contemporany psychedelic users know perfecly what these shrooms are going to do to them ---. Everyone takes psychedelics to "see what happens" or to "have fun". Basically, the reason of why people take psychedelics is because they just want fun and pleasure.

Some decades ago, the use of psychedelics was reboosted because LSD was discovered. And all the counterculture started. People high took LSD in part to take music, but the use by the hippies was mostly hedonistic. Or they wanted to be alternative. Or something like that.

But people nowadays, including me, just take psychedelics for fun. Because haha le schizophrenia simulator xD xD. Not because they want to have a higher knowledge about the environment. Some people take Ayahuasca for that purpose, but that's rare.

Something that has filled its purpose it's free to die.

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