Marijuana faggotry

Very alternative people are everywhere, and they make everything they do very alternative. Including thing that doesn't have much complication such as smoking marijuana. Well, alternative people have managed to make something very primitive insanely civilizated.


This is a method of smoking from a bowl. It consists in burning the corners of the bowl so the rest is still green. So the guy you're going to pass the bowl to can taste the marijuana.

I mean, you're using a lighter to burn the bowl, you're smoking THC with the butane from the lighter. So it's going to taste like shit anyways. If you want to smoke more, don't do fucking "cornering", just fucking make another bowl and repeat as needed.

Not smoking blunts because of tobacco

I don't know why the "activists" say random shit about the black people, like they created x or created y, they're trying to make us believe whatever they want us to believe. I still don't know what activists wants us to believe, thing is that these activists, if they really mean what they're doing and want to end racism, must say that blunts were first introdouced by the Black Community. Blunts are a gift from god, but marijuana faggots don't smoke it because "It has nicotine."

Vaping as a concept

The concept of vaping is something funny: Smoking but in a healthy way. the vapers machines are expensive as shit. and, despite whether you smoke or vape, you'll die anyways. So just smoke a joint or a pipe, it's cheaper.

Weird filters

There are this active carbons filters, they give a smooth smoke. But they're expensive and you'll die as you'd die if you only smoked from cardboards.

"Tricks to increase THC"

My nigga, if you're that broke that you have to increase THC or have so much tolerance that you have to do the same thing. Maybe it's time for a break.

Faggotry with the kief

God, y'all some broke boys, God, y'all some broke boys

--- Chief Keef

There is this thing called "struggle". It's what kief exists for the sole purpose of helping you with the struggle. "I don't even have kief" is one way to declare cannabic insolvency.

But alternative people think that kief is DMT or something and put it in very weird places such as the outer part of a joint, or blunt.

Giving a fuck whether it's legal or not

Most people in the country in which is illegal to have a plant care about this for obvious reasons. I do not live in America so I don't know the consequences of smoking a joint in your house. But in my country, no one I know gives a fuck about the legal status, but some people do and I think that that's stupid.

Go to Barcelona

Odio cataluña.

THC microdose

Man, just smoke a fucking joint and do stuff. It's way funnier that way.

Giving CBD to your dog

What have your dog done to deserve to be as alternative as you are? Kill yourself, guy who gives CBD to a dog.

Taking pictures of the joint

Postado com o blunt, e eu não preciso tirar nenhuma pictura

--- Ruby Da Sousa

It's funny how annoying a goth chick can be, before smokigng the joint she has to take 20 pictures of the joint. And when she's over taking fucking PICTURES, the joint has almost consumed itself.