Shit i don't like

Better title: people who I think that are idiots.

My philosophy is highly based on the fact on how ridiculous everything has become over the last years thanks to, in part, the internet. This wave of knowledge supplied by professionals of all kind, dietitian, personal trainers, experts in pandemics and wars. This allows us to get shit information at any time. Mostly because we need dopamine or because we want to be cool.

Despite not all people use the internet to watch content made to consume and get dopamine, they're in the same absurd situation the other kind of people are, they're entities on the cyberspace without the hability of reason. They're just there, listening to Drake's news album or something similar to that, something that a twitter white dude would do just because.

But there are people who are NOT under the TRAP of MODERN'S SOCIETY dopamine speedhack, and decided to go all the anhedonic way and decided to visit 4chan and fuck their entire life thinking that self improvement is when you watch Fight Club, and then they're wating for a gf for magiscally spawn at the supermarket or something, they think they're borderlines but they're actually idiotic.

shit I also don't like is the dudes who take everything they read online too seriously, and I mean the alternative internet. Like those that would not text you through any messaging protocol that is not Tox because they have not reviewed the source code of certains applications. They take shit so seriously that they will NOT use their perfectly working Wireless Fidelity PCI-E card if it requires non-free firmware to work. This kind of people would use Trisquel GNU+Linux and see nothing wrong with their mental sanity.

There are also a variant of this kind of people who are anti GNU because of the bloat, but they still want to be cooler than... I don't know... so they will install software such as Artix Linux with dinit, OpenBSD, or some weird distro only 10 people know about. Just because its neofetch looks like it gives you respect. And they are not using glibc or gcc, they're using musl with tcc, and will NOT install any software written in certain programming language, because the language is "bloat". This kind of people are unemployed because when they're asked to do anything they have to compile new software with their Dual Core Intel Centrino

I remember this wave of Twitter Traditional Catholics (all of them with anime profile pictures) who would post all kind of stupid shit asnd do it for "The West", you're fucking contributing to it with your fucking anime profile picture. I think that there's a wave of Traditional Catholics online simply because being atheist stopped being edgy a while ago. And they have to bew edgy some other way.

Then we have the musicfags, this ones are very funny. We have /mu/, the forbidden place, the place in which fucking a jewish girl is everyday's bread. You leave all your humanity when you access that place. People in that forum are very open minded and will gladly debate your musical tastes, as long as Fantano agrees.

And there are also people who won't let you enjoy a song from Megadeth because they're so mainstream and this Bosnian-Hersegovinan Depressive Suicidal Black Metal band is much better.

Something pretty comedic I see is the combination of the /g/fags and musicfags. You know, the kind of people who listens to sewerslvt and actually think dude's an anime girl. I remember I once was reading lainchans's shitboard on music and there was completely sober mind who posted that Draining Love Story is the best album ever made while Madvillainy was the 10th. Idiots can tell me that it's just his opinion or any shit. But, my nigga. I think that, objectively, Madvillainy is better than a bunch of spammed amen breaks.

My country is retarded, the only thing working here is the Ministry of Treasury and the Tax Administration Agency. We're still required to wear masks in the public transport. As I stopped caring whether I die or not, i do not wear a mask anymore. But there are some people who took the news very seriously, vaxxed 3 or god knows how many times who will tell you: "put your mask on". Like they own you or something. One day an old dude told us "Hope to see you in the ICU", dude was literally wishing our deaths because we did not want to wear a mask, well, my old friend, I hope you have a life full of health.

Some other people that are very funny to me are the marxists, socialists, north-koreans and the kind of people that actually puts posters and shit about communist shit in the streets, universities, and everywhere they can. So they can get likes in instagram and skip classes (most likely) or actually change society (less likely). If I were to give some kind of advice to these kind of people, it would be: "If you want to change the world start by making your bed". I don't make my bed and here I am, writing a blog post about shit I don't like.

Drunk teenagers are real. They exist, broke but hungry for more and more shit that will get their brain in a "xd" mood for sometime but the day of tomorrow ill still be everyday shit, do also exist. This kind of people spawn at friday nights at a park. I was with my niggas smoking a Silverado™ and some drunks girls asked us if we have a cigarette. We did not. But they saw the Silverado™ I said that it is a cigar. But because they're idiotic they thought it was a joint and asked me for a puff. But then I told them that was not a joint and they felt scammed. They told us that they will give us 20 cents if we smoked the joint with them.

Then there are also online imageboards moderators, they delete whatever they disagree with. One day I told one of this species "Get a real job, to see if at least you get paid". His answer was "I have a good source of income", thing that, when read online, you may think that he wrote that in a chill way, like he has nothing to fear or something. But if you're an online imageboard moderator and you say that you have a good source of income, you're probably coping.

Then we have the philosophy lovers, the people who are so worried about... I don't know... they're worried about what others will think about them because they have no identity, so they become politically frustrated and then they create magnificent labels such as anarcho monarchommunist with north korean and american characteristics. Obviously, this kind of persons have their own bitch who is waiting for them to explain their ideology to her.

The truth is that I could apply the elitist part of anything to anything and it would be still shit I dont' like because I don't think no one should take anything seriously, especially life, you will not come out from it alive.

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