Cope GNU/Linux

Less Linux and more bitches

--- Antonio Recio Matamoros, if he was based.

A Artix nigga, that's some shit I don't like.

The linux community has always been full of idiots, people who despite claiming "muh freedum", will tell you how to run your computer, they will tell you whether to use systemd, openrc or whatever shit they want you to use because their software choices are better.

There was always been the meme that "Arch Linux is the best distribution out there we got the AUR and blah blah" and they are in love with a package manager which will break perl everytime it may do so. There's also this meme that Arch is a minimalistic distro, this is relatively true, but if you say that Arch isn't minmalistic because it ships with systemd, glibc and similar shit I have a question for you: Are you autistic?

The demographic to which my question is focused in created what I like to name as "The Cope", or Artix Linux is a Arch Based GNU/Linux distribution that uses OpenRC, runit, Dinit (whatever that is) or s6 (whatever that is as well) as init systemd in contrast with Arch Linux that uses systemd as its init system.

Problems? Of course, this distribution is not only maintained by people with anime profile pictures in GitHub but also lacks a lot of packages in its repos, the solution to this is to add the Arch repos, so why did I install Artix in the first place if I have to use the Arch repos anyway.

This is without mentioning the shitshow of having multiple services, I made the mistake of using s6 instead of runit the only time I used this thing and s6 is the worst fucking init system I have ever used in all my life, like if you see what fails with s6 you'll see that maybe the anti-systemd meme (because it's a meme) isn't too real. Thing is that for every service in Artix GNU+Linux, there are 4 packages, for each init system, which is in my sincere opinion, very idiotic. Because this means there are multiple maintainers (all of them with anime profile pictures) which do all different things, one maintains runit, others openrc, others s6, meaning that it's a fucking shitshow in the inside. I think that this thing still existing is the proof that there's a superior force. Call it God, call it energy, but there's something.

Why would someone use Artix over arch? I highly doubt any of Artix users have a real, REAL, REAL problem with systemd that made them migrate to Artix Linux. My only theory is that Artix users are the people who think that online strangers care so much about the software they run and they want to be cool because they use pacman and the AUR but don't want to be uncool because they use systemd.

Where'd my nigga go?

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