In life, you have to make choices all the time, one of the most important choices you have to make, is what you'll focus your life in, that is, the meaning of your life.

I could have chosen to study chemistry, the study of the change (White, 2009). I could have learned how the matter works, how the universe works, how to create my own fucking matters and write a book about things i have known and loved about it.

Or I could have been an artist! I could have put what's in my heart into a canvas. And self expression keeps one sane.

Writer is also a cool choice, I could have made a whole generation of people forget about their shit when reading the fantastic stories I could have written.

Maybe i could have focused myself into biology and understand alive beings, understand what we are, how we are alive, how we can stay alive, why we are alive, understand how we work, why we are happy, sad, angry, high.

Despite all the posibilities, I put myself in the least interesting of sciences. Computer science.

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